‘Transformers: Earth Wars’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

6. Space Out Your Defenses

• Space out your defenses. Avoid clumping defenses together when possible. Layouts that have buildings in close proximity are especially susceptible to area of effect (AOE) abilities, such as Rocket Barrage, Orbital Strike and artillery support.

7. Protect Your Resources

Transformers Earth Wars

• Keep your storages and harvesters away from the deploy zone. Having these buildings further back will reduce the amount of loot that will be stolen, as the attacker will have to work harder, or be victorious in order to steal larger quantities of loot.

8. Aim for the Space Bridge

Transformers Earth Wars

• The research lab and space bridge award additional ability points when they are destroyed. These should be targeted earlier on in battle in order to supply you with enough ability points to use against defenses. In your own base, these buildings should be moved further back to prevent the attacker from earning extra ability points.

9. Space Out Your Bots

Transformers Earth Wars

• Don’t deploy all of your bots in the same space, or all at once ­ dropping all of your bots in one place will likely result in them being annihilated by defenses. Deploying a Warrior first will allow them to soak up the damage from defenses, whilst your gunners and air can go to work. Sometimes it’s best to let your warriors take the Mortar shells on the chin, rather than make them charge in and cause the Mortar to retarget onto your fragile gunners.

10. Join an Alliance

Transformers Earth Wars

• Join an alliance and participate in wars. Winning Alliance Wars will result in rewards of Spark, Energon and Alloy. This will be a helpful addition to your resources that can be used on ability and building upgrades.

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