‘Monster Hunter Generations’: Top 5 Tips You Need to Know

Monster Hunter Generations

On July 15, 2016, another grand hunt begins. Capcom’s highly lauded creature hunting series is set to hit the 3DS once again.

Monster Hunter Generations refines the gameplay sported in the games before it, plus it’s throwing in a host of new features. If you missed the release of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, you’re going to have a hard time adjusting to the hardcore elements that make up Monster Hunter Generations. We made sure to ask the game’s developers what type of advice is essential to newcomers and veterans looking to get comfortable with this sequel’s fresher elements. There’s new fighting styles to master, new attacks to utilize, new behemoths to confront etc.

Check out this tips guide for Monster Hunter Generations and you’ll quickly grow into the apex predator that monsters will have a hard time defeating.

1. Play Your Way

Monster Hunter Generations – Style System TrailerMaster 4 distinct Hunting Styles and customize your arsenal like no one else! 'Like' on Facebook facebook.com/monsterhunter Follow on Twitter twitter.com/monsterhunter ©CAPCOM CO., LTD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.2016-04-14T15:00:19.000Z

Monster Hunter Generations is the most customizable entry in the series to date. Not only are there 14 different weapons types like the versatile Charge Blade or the fast-action Dual Blades, but newly added in this entry are Hunting Styles and Hunter Arts to further personalize your playstyle.

With 14 weapons, four Hunting Styles and many Hunter Arts abilities to choose from and mix-and-match, plus, all the gear you can craft from the game’s roster of monsters, you’ll be hard-pressed to find another hunter with the same loadout. The important thing here is that since you’re not tied to a class or a traditional level-up system, you’re actually encouraged to freely switch things up between quests so you find something or somethings, that feel just right to you.

2. That Sweet, Sweet Quality of Life

Monster Hunter Generations

Among all the big, shiny new features and epic monster additions in each game, the series is also known for treating long-time fans to quality-of-life improvements that streamline and enhance the life of a hunter. One addition this time around is the ability to simply hold down the A button to continue carving all possible items from a felled monster or gathering point. On quests you now also have the help of a Felyne named The Transpurrter to take a second inventory’s worth of goods for you back to home base.

3. Attack From Below While Friends Mount From Above

Monster Hunter Generations

If mounting monsters was your favorite addition in the last installment, you’re going to love Aerial Style in Monster Hunter Generations. It allows you to jump at any time and attempt to mount monsters from mid-air. When playing local co-op or online co-op (1-4 players), during the mounting mini-game, other players can now attack the monster to help topple it even quicker. Don’t forget to get those free hits in when you successfully knock it down.

4. Rub-a-Dub, Bub

Monster Hunter Generations

The new Leviathan Mizutsune, one of the flagship Fated Four threats in the game, has the unique ability to turn the world into its own personal Slide ‘N Slide by releasing foam and bubbles. Be careful here because Mizutsune can inflict the new Bubbles status effect. Being enveloped in too many bubbles will cause you to lose your footing, making for one slippery situation. Make sure to carry Cleansers for these quests to quickly scrub off those undesirable bubbles, or, if a teammate or Felyne partner hits or kicks you, the suds will instantly dissolve.

5. Purrrowler, Paw-Lease

Monster Hunter Generations – Prowler TrailerProwler mode is a brand new way to experience the world of Monster Hunter like never before! You can take on massive monsters as lovable little Felynes. Don't let their cuteness fool you, they are just as mighty as any hunter when in the right hands! Coming Summer 2016! Catch CATCOM, PANCAKE and WAFFLE on…2016-04-07T14:59:24.000Z

New to Monster Hunter Generations is the ability to play as your previously A.I.-only Palico pals, or Felynes, in Prowler Mode. In this mode a player can actually take on any quest a human hunter can, plus choose from a Prowler-specific additional questline and gear that can be crafted. Felynes can put up a real fight, though their attack power may not be as high as their human counterparts.

However, Felynes have a number of pros to consider. They are unhindered by stamina, can gather items more quickly, and have basically “nine lives.” You can collapse three times before it counts as one faint, of which any quest allows three faints before a quest is failed. Like your weapons, Hunting Styles, Hunter Arts and gear, you can switch any time before or after a quest from your traditional hunter character to Prowler mode.

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