‘Pokémon Go’: 10 Cheats, Tip & Tricks You Need to Know

'Pokemon Go' is available now for iOS and Android devices. (Nintendo)

‘Pokemon Go’ is available now for iOS and Android devices. (Nintendo)

Pokémon Go has already become one of the biggest gaming phenomenons of the decade. A week after its launch, millions of players are flooding their cities and towns hoping to catch them all and be the very best. But for all its positive qualities, the game sure doesn’t make everything clear to newcomers.

Indeed, there are dozens of tips that will help you succeed at Pokémon Go but that are not immediately clear. Plus, there exist some cheats and tricks that savvy gamers have already uncovered, such as the fact that you can actually get Pikachu as your starter Pokémon.

Here are 10 Pokémon Go tips, tricks and cheats you need to know.

1. You Can Use a GPS Spoofer, But…

Play Pokemon Go! with a Fake GPSLucky Patcher Download: http://lucky-patcher.en.uptodown.com/android Fake GPS Location Spoofer Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B26R0aS0PTfHS2R4ZnhUSGdxcm8/view?pref=2&pli=1 ***IMPORTANT REQUIREMENTS AND REMINDERS*** –Your android device should have root access –Do not root your device if you are not sure of what you are doing –This can get your account banned by Pokemon Go Requirements: 1. A rooted android device 2. Check to see if your device can run Pokemon Go by trial running it. 3. Download those 2 files on top Instructions. 1. Navigate to file explorer and install the Lucky Patcher APK 2. Open Lucky Patcher and click on "Rebuild & Install" tab 3. Navigate through the file explorer and look for the Fake GPS APK you just downloaded 4. Click on the APK and select "Install as a System App" 5. Go to Settings – Developer Settings – Look for Mock Locations and Turn it OFF 6. Run Fake GPS, select a location from US, New Zealand or Australia. 7. Go to Settings, Check "Expert Mode" 8. Go back to Fake GPS app and click on the play or run button located at the lower right part of the screen 9. Go Run Pokemon Go! If you run into any problems, don't hesitate to comment the error you are facing, down below. Credits to this post which I followed: https://web.facebook.com/flores061/posts/1222165297793901 —Common Problems and Solutions— Problem: Jumping or Teleporting from original location to fake location Cause: Conflict when FakeGPS is moving your location Solutions: Disable Location Applications, Wifi Locations , other GPS applications. If it still doesn't fix it, Disable "Move around fake location" From FakeGPS, For the Location settings of your device, try to set it as "Device Only" so it won't use Wifi location and Network location. Solutions posted in the comments section: —Service App Disabling (by +Jai Cameron) "Alright guys I think I may have found a working fix for this first thing you'll need to do is download the disable service app. Once you have that installed go over to the system tab and scroll down to the Fused Location service and disable that. Next go to LocationServices and disable everything inside and restart your phone. You should be able to select a location on the spoofing app without teleporting back to your original location." —Airplane Mode Solution (Can't track who originally suggested it ) 1. Turn on Airplane Mode 2. Turn on your Wifi 3. Check to see if it fixed it. —Sim removal solution (Someone tried it after I said I'm running without a sim card ) 1. Take out your simcard off the device 2. Check to see if it fixed it. —Foil Solution (Can't track who originally suggested it ) 1. Wrap around some foil behind your device ( people commented inserting the foil into the inside of the case and placing the device over it ) 2. You should have trouble getting network service 3. Check to see if it fixed it. Problem: Unable to catch pokemons and get items from Pokestops Cause: Soft ban from pokemon Go from jumping large distance from original location Solutions: Wait for a couple of Mins to around 2-3 hours and it should be fine Problem: Failed To Detect Location Cause: Mock Locations is being detected by pokemon Go as enabled Solutions: Disable Mock locations from developer settings and set Fake GPS "Expert Mode" : On2016-07-08T03:59:33.000Z

If you’re trying to get some more Poké Balls or just generally play the game without walking around, there are ways to bypass the system. But doing so is extremely tricky, and it puts you at serious risk being banned by Niantic, so it really is not recommended.

If you’re on an Android device, you’ll first want to root your phone, and then use an app like Hide My Root to prevent the game from being able to tell you’ve done so. You can then download a GPS spoofer app like this one, and theoretically you should be able to use that app or others like it to make your phone think you’re somewhere else on the map.

With an iPhone, it’s a similar process, except you’ll want to jailbreak it instead of rooting, and download Location Faker. But Niantic is constantly staying on top of all the cheats people are using, and they have been quite vigilant about handing out bans, so there’s a solid chance that by the time you implement one of these strategies they will have figured out a way to prevent it from working. Playing the game fair and square really is your best option.

2. You Can Get Pikachu as Your Starter

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If the player continues to walk away from their three starter Pokemon, Pikachu will appear as a fourth option. (Niantic/Game Informer)

When you first start up the game, you’re given the starter options of Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur. But if you aren’t happy with those choices, there’s actually a way of getting Pikachu as a starter instead.

When those three starter Pokémon spawn in the beginning of the game, don’t select any of them. Instead, physically walk away from the area (in real life). As you keep walking, the same three starters will continuously spawn next to you. But if you keep on walking in the same direction and force them to spawn four times, Pikachu will finally appear as an option.

That totally sounds like a bogus Internet rumor, but in this case it happens to be true. It takes a little effort to actually get right, and it requires you to walk around aimlessly like an idiot, but Pikachu is worth it. Learn more about getting Pikachu as a starter in Pokémon Go here:

3. Get Coins by Placing Pokémon at Gyms

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Pokemon Go players can amass additional coins by getting control of gyms. (Niantic)

New players will find themselves running out of coins, which are used to buy items, fairly quickly, and that’s why being in control of gyms is so important.

Once you reach level five, you’ll want to either take over a gym or join an existing one that has been claimed for your Pokemon Go team. Then, choose one of your Pokémon to place in the gym and defend it.

That’s all you need to do, but not everyone realizes at first that you get coin bonuses from this. Check back in to the shop about once every 21 hours, click on the shield icon, and as long as you still have a Pokémon defending the gym, you will get 10 new PokeCoins. You can station Pokémon at up to 10 gyms, meaning you can really take advantage of this bonus to secure yourself 100 coins every day.

Or, if you don’t mind dropping some actual cash, you can purchase additional coins at the shop (using real-life money).

Learn more about how to find Pokémon Go gyms here:

4. Your Throw Affects the Likelihood of Catching a Pokémon

HOW to earn More XP in Pokemon GO – The Curveball ThrowHOW to get More EXP in Pokemon GO – Tips How to throw a curve ball in pokemon go Curve throw How to level up in pokemon go, How to cheat in pokemon go How to earn more xp in pokemon go2016-07-07T11:29:43.000Z

The way that you throw your Poke Balls carries much more significance than players might at first think. In terms of ensuring the best likelihood of a proper capture and the most XP possible, timing is everything.

When you’re ready to catch a Pokémon, hold down on the PokeBall, and a circle will begin to envelop the Pokémon in front of you. The color of the circle indicates how difficult of a capture it is, with green meaning easy, orange meaning medium, and red meaning hard.

You’ll notice that the circle will be continuously shrinking. If you can manage to hit the center of the circle when it’s as tiny as possible, this decreases the likelihood of the Pokémon being able to escape, and it will also give you extra points. But of course, the tinier the hole is, the more difficult it will be to make the throw.

Also, don’t be afraid to vary up the way you throw the ball; if you are able to execute a curveball by spinning the Poke Ball (as demonstrated above), you’ll get more XP.

5. Catch Everything, Even if You Already Have It

Already have a Pokemon? Duplicates are welcome in Pokemon Go. (Niantic/IGN)

Already have a Pokemon? Duplicates are welcome in Pokemon Go. (Niantic/IGN)

When you see a species of Pokémon in the wild that you have already captured, don’t just ignore it. That might be your inclination when you first start playing, but when you capture duplicate Pokémon, you can bring these to Professor Willow and trade them for candy.

Make sure you are only transferring your low CP Pokémon, though, not the ones you actually need to hang on to. Once you’ve given Willow your Pokémon, you can’t get them back.

This candy, of course, can be used to evolve Pokémon, so it’s quite a valuable resource to have. You also get some candy when you initially capture the Pokémon, so spending some time capturing Pokémon and trading them in to Willow is a pretty nice way to rack up a lot of candy.

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