‘Pokémon Go’: 10 Cheats, Tip & Tricks You Need to Know

6. Can’t Move Around? Use Incense

Players can use Incense Items to attract Pokemon go their location. (Niantic/IGN)

Players can use Incense Items to attract Pokemon go their location. (Niantic/IGN)

If you want to play the game at work, school, or in some situation where you can’t easily walk around, there is a solution: make use of Incense.

Using Incense items will make Pokémon spawn near you, even when you remain in one place. A single use of Incense will last about 30 minutes and will bring five or six Pokémon to you. Everyone starts the game with two Incense items, and you can purchase more after that with coins (or with real money).

Be advised, though: You probably shouldn’t use your Incense unless the game’s servers appear to be quite stable, as if they go down two minutes after you active your Incense, you’ll lose those remaining 28 minutes.

The other option is to use lures; this is basically the same thing as Incense, except it can be used by everyone in your area, not just by you, and it attaches itself to a Poke Stop.

Learn more about how to get more Pokémon Go Incense here:

7. Pay Attention to the Footsteps Graphic

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UPDATE: This footsteps feature has been temporarily removed from the game, but now, nearby Pokemon can be tracked via the “sightings” feature.

When a Pokémon is nearby, you’ll notice a graphic in the bottom right of the screen with a Pokémon silhouette. Click that button and it will pull up a menu showing all the Pokémon that are in your immediate area. Each one has a footsteps graphic bellow it, but notice that the number of footsteps varies depending on the creature.

This is actually valuable information about how close any given Pokémon is to you. If there’s only one footstep, it’s pretty close by, whereas three footsteps indicates it’s much further away.

Use this in conjunction with the green leaves, which demonstrates where Pokémon typically spawn, in order to track down that elusive creature in your area.

8. You Can Revive a Pokémon by Evolving It

Interacting with Pokestops will give players valuable items. (Niantic/IGN)

Interacting with Pokestops will give players valuable items. (Niantic/IGN)

As you continue to partake in gym battles across the map, you will likely see your Pokémon continuously lose health and need to be healed or revived.

The main way to do this is by using a potion or revive item, which can be obtained by visiting Poké Stops.

But there’s also a workaround: if you were thinking of evolving the injured Pokémon anyway, keep in mind that doing so will restore them to full health, so it may not be worth wasting an item in this situation. To evolve a Pokémon, hit the Pokéball, go to Pokémon, select the Pokémon, and hit evolve.

Learn more about how to find Poké Stops here:

9. Turn on Power Saver Mode

Pokemon Go players will find that the game drains their phone's battery quite fast. (Niantic/IGN)

Pokemon Go players will find that the game drains their phone’s battery quite fast. (Niantic/IGN)

Pokémon Go players will often have the game open for hours at a time, which can be a real drain on your phone’s battery. Luckily, there is an in-game solution to this problem.

Hit the PokeBall at the bottom of the screen and head over to the settings button in the top right. From there, simply select “battery saver mode.” Now, whenever you have your phone upside-down, i.e. in your pocket while you’re walking, the screen will dim and show only the Pokémon Go logo. This way, you’re saving battery by not having all the game’s graphics loaded at once, but you will still be notified when a Pokemon or Poke Stop is nearby.

In addition, turning off Augmented Reality mode will help save battery. If you plan to play the game quite regularly, investing in a portable battery also wouldn’t hurt. Find more tips for saving battery life in Pokémon Go here:

10. Use Lucky Eggs Wisely

When activated, Lucky Eggs give players double XP and make leveling up much easier. (Niantic/IGN)

When activated, Lucky Eggs give players double XP and make leveling up much easier. (Niantic/IGN)

If you want to gain a lot of XP quickly, Lucky Eggs are your best friend. Once you activate this item, you will get an XP boost over the course of the following 30 minutes.

The game doesn’t really give you much of an explanation about what the heck the Lucky Eggs are, though, and so new players might accidentally waste them. You’ll want to use these strategically; for example, you could make use of your Lucky Egg and an Incense item at the same time, or perhaps activating your Lucky Egg while near several Poke Stops and then activating a lure. Finally, waiting to evolve a Pokemon until you deploy a Lucky Egg will net players quite a bit of XP.

In addition to the eggs the game gives you after reaching level 9, you can also purchase additional eggs in the store. Learn more about Pokémon Go Lucky Eggs here: