‘Pokemon Go’ Data: What Is the Most-Wanted Pokemon in Each State?

Pokemon Go map, Pokemon Go pokemon map, Pokemon Go most searched

A map from Decluttr.com depicts which Pokemon each state is searching for. (Decluttr)

Are you desperately on the hunt for certain Pokemon so that you can finally catch them all? Ever wonder what the most-desired creature in your state is? Thanks to some new research, we now have the answer.

Decluttr took a look at Google search trends in each state across the U.S. to determine which Pokemon is most-wanted. They found that the Pokemon the most number states were searching for was Pikachu, who topped the list in Arizona, Hawaii, Delaware, Mississippi, Rhode Island and Kansas. Those players probably didn’t know that it’s actually possible to get Pikachu as your starter Pokemon so you don’t have to hunt him down at all. Here’s how to do that.

Eevee is also one a lot of people are on the hunt for, particularly in Alaska, Illinois, Nevada, North Carolina and Texas. What’s interesting is that Pokemon that are highly desired in some states are common as dirt in others, as some users from other parts of the country have reported to have found dozens of Eevees without even trying.

Behind Eevee was Ditto, the Pokemon most users in Alabama, South Dakota, New York and Maryland were looking for. Those people were likely disappointed to find out that Ditto is not available in Pokemon Go, or at least it does not appear to be obtainable yet. The same is true of the legendary Pokemon, who no player has yet been able to hunt down.

For the full state-by-state breakdown, head over to Decluttr.




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