‘Pokemon Go’ Demographics: More Women Play Game Than Men

A new poll has found that significantly more women are playing Pokemon Go than men.

Forbes reports that 63 percent of Pokemon Go players are female compared to 37 percent who are male. It was also found that 46 percent of players are between the ages of 18 and 29, and 45 percent of them make over $50,000 per year. This data came from SurveyMonkey and is based on the responses of one million iOS and Android users.

Based on the survey, the average Pokemon Go player is a 25-year-old, college educated white woman making $90,000 a year. Many were surprised to see this, including Niantic CEO John Hanke.

“We don’t ask for the sex of our users, so it would have to come to a third party that is correlating it with some other research or a panel,” Hanke told Forbes. “I would love to find out if that were true.”

Less surprising is the fact that 46-percent of players are between the ages of 18 and 29. This makes perfect sense, as that is the demographic that grew up with Pokemon and who were drawn to the new app partially for nostalgia reasons. It’s also great news for Niantic that so many of the game’s users are adults with a fair amount of disposable income; although the game is free, it makes money by allowing users to purchase items from the shop.

At the moment, Pokemon Go is raising about $6 million from players every single day. Whether this will continue remains to be seen, however. The game is gradually beginning to see a decline in popularity, recently losing several million players over the course of a week. It’s speculated that this dropoff could be blamed in part on the recent server issues, which Niantic is evidently hard at work trying to solve.

Pokemon Go should also continue receiving new influxes of players as it launches all around the world, as there are still many countries the game is not currently available in.

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