‘Pokemon Go’ Easter Eggs: All the Secrets You Need to See

Pokemon Go is now available on iOS and Android devices. (Nintendo)

Pokemon Go is now available on iOS and Android devices. (Nintendo)

For Pokemon Go fans, the hunt has not just involved trying to catch them all. Rather, gamers everywhere have been scouring the app day and night trying to uncover its secrets and Easter eggs.

This search ramped up after the game’s recent Comic-Con panel, during which Niantic CEO John Hanke confirmed that there are some Easter Eggs that nobody has found yet, according to ComicBook.com. A statement like that is guaranteed to pique everyone’s curiosity.

Even though the game has only been out for a few weeks, though, already a bunch of Easter eggs have been discovered, some of which are just for fun and some of which actually impact gameplay in a significant way. Here are all of the Easter eggs and secrets from Pokemon Go you need to know about. This list will be updated as more are discovered.

1. You Can Control Eevee’s Evolution

Pokemon Go Eevee, Pokemon Eevee, Pokemon Eevee anime

Eevee’s evolution can be controlled by renaming the Pokemon.

From the moment the game launched, Pokemon Go players were trying to figure out the secret behind Eevee, specifically if there’s any way to control what species it evolves into. Fans suspected there might be some sort of secret or Easter Egg here, and it turns out they were exactly right.

Fans discovered that you can control whether your Eevee evolves into Jolteon, Flareon or Vaporeon simply by changing its name before the evolution. Change it to Sparky for Jolteon, Pyro for Flareon and Rainer for Vaporeon. This is a reference to the three Eevee brothers from the Pokemon TV show. Please note, however, that this trick only works three times, once for each species.

It took players some time to figure out if this renaming was actually related to what Eevee evolved into, the John Hanke, CEO of Niantic, confirmed at Comic-Con recently that this was indeed an Easter Egg placed in the game by the developers.

2. Catching Pikachu

Pokemon Go starters, Pokemon Go cheats, Pokemon Go tips

If the player continues to walk away from their three starter Pokemon, Pikachu will appear as a fourth option. (Niantic/Game Informer)

It’s kind of crazy that this Easter Egg was discovered so quickly, but it turns out that there is a way to get Pikachu as your starter Pokemon.

When you first begin the game, you’ll be presented with three options for your starter: Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur. But there’s actually a secret fourth option. All you have to do is keep walking away from the area (in real life). As you walk, the game will keep spawning the three starter Pokemon next to you. But if you keep on walking and let them spawn a few times, eventually Pikachu will appear as another option.

It really sounds like one of those crazy rumors you’d hear passed around the schoolyard back in the days of the original Pokemon games, but in this case it happens to be true.

3. Tapping on Pikachu

Pokemon Go Pikachu, Pokemon Pikachu, Pokemon Pikachu easter egg

An Easter egg can be found in Pokemon Go by tapping on Pikachu. (Pokemon Wiki)

Here’s another Pikachu related Easter Egg, though this one is more fun than it is something that benefits your gameplay.

As discovered by a Reddit user, when you’re going through your Pokedex, if you tap on any given Pokemon, it will make a growl that is the same audio associated with that species from the old Gameboy games.

But the only Pokemon in the entire game that doesn’t have that same growl is Pikachu; if you tap Pikachu, it will instead say “Pikachu” with the same audio as in the Pokemon cartoon show.

4. You Can Play in Landscape Mode

Pokemon Go landscape mode, pokemon go landscape, pokemon go how to landscape

Pokemon Go can be played in landscape mode both on iOS and Android devices. (Reddit/DetachableMonkey)

There’s a way to play Pokemon Go in landscape mode if you prefer that sort of thing, although it does not just involve turning your phone or tablet sideways.

The method, as reported on Lifehacker, is as followers:

  1. Turn your device sideways.
  2. Hit the Poke Ball.
  3. Go to settings.
  4. Select “Report High-Priority Issue,” and then choose “yes.”
  5. Your device should open up Safari. Ignore this, hitting home and returning back into the Pokemon Go app.

When you open the app again, your game should be in landscape mode. This seems to be more of a glitch than an intentional secret, and the game clearly isn’t designed to work in landscape mode, but until Niantic patches this bug, it’s still a nice way to get a broader view of the entire map while on the go.

The above method seems to only work on iOS, but on Android, you can get the same effect by downloading an app like Set Orientation from Google Play.

There’s a Hitmonlee Nest Near Where Bruce Lee is Buried

Hitmonlee Pokemon Go, Pokemon Hitmonlee, Pokemon go find Hitmonlee

A significant number of Hitmonlees can be found where Bruce Lee is buried. (Reddit/epikperez)

This one could just be a coincidence, but if so, it’s a pretty incredible one. Hitmonlee is a rare Pokemon named after legendary martial arts actor Bruce Lee, and fans have noticed that there is an extraordinarily high concentration of Hitmonlees in Seattle, Washington, especially in Green Lake.

Some suspect that this might be a clever tribute to Bruce Lee, as the actor lived in Seattle for many years, and it’s here that he began teaching martial arts. Green Lake is also not far from where Bruce Lee is currently buried. Whether it’s an intentional tribute or a crazy coincidence, it’s pretty awesome either way.

This isn’t the only way that Bruce Lee has come into the Pokemon Go world. His grave just so happens to be a gym, which at one point was being guarded by a Hitmonlee.



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Has anyone heard of Easter egg. If you have Jinx as buddy and walk 100 km every Pokémon in pokedex gets 150 candy


I am pretty sure that the pattern it given to you… when your given the items from the pokestop…. thats the code.. follow the pattern that the items pop onto your screen not the color… but it just came to me. Ingress created a new glyph a while back… it was a simple line… ingress also sjows playera the code prior to them having to copy the pattern in a line, and ceo hinted that we should ” just keep swiping” inplying that rhe answer is right in front of us. the pokestop items are in plain sight and i am certian they line up to the ingress glyph points as well the items seem to apear in randomly ( its not so randome) on screen each time… ( this way the glyph is always changing)


You sayd that hitmonlee is probaly standing for bruse lee so i thing that i found out that hitmonchan is standing for jackie chan… just saying :)


I found another Easter egg!! All you have to do is only allow GPS to pokemon go!! Then, instead of showing what pokemons are nearby, it’s gonna show Sightings!!


That’s the update. They changed the word from Nearby to “sightings” on the august 8th update.


The Eevee evolution has worked for me multiple times. The trick is to rename your Eevee to Rainer, Pyro, or Sparky, then ~close~ the app, and reopen it again, double-check that the name “stuck,” and then evolve your Eevee. You also have to close the app, reopen it, and then rename your Rainer, Pyro, or Sparky to something else, ~before~ you try to go through the steps again to get ~another~ of the same eevolution. :-) Rename them to their actual names, like Flareon, etc, if you want, or rename them Bob or George or Jacqueline, just not any of the 3 “trick” Easter egg eevolution names.

And now, since this section has several scams for more Pokecoins, I’ll let you in on something that’s real, and NOT a scam. In the Google Play store, find the survey app called Google Opinion Rewards. Sign up for it, answer their survey questions, and you’ll get Google Play credits for each survey answered. The number of surveys you get to answer varies, as my son got so few that he dumped it. I’ve gotten enough to earn several dollars in credits, which you can then USE in the Pokemon Go store to BUY coins with those Google Play credits rather than your actual hard-earned money. I’ve bought Pokeballs when a rare ‘mon pops up near me and I’m out of Pokeballs, I’ve bought lures, incenses, lucky eggs, and even an incubator once. Next I want to save enough for a bag upgrade, and a larger Pokedex (Pokemon storage upgrade).

This one is NOT a scam, it’s the real deal. It likely depends on your demographic (what you tell them about yourself, like age, what you do, how much you make, etc.) as to how many surveys you’ll get, but it really works. Each survey will gain you at least $0.10, and up to $0.65 (the highest I’ve seen so far) for a minute of “work” answering survey questions. So, stop trying scams that could get you a nasty virus or get your identity stolen, and use the real thing that won’t risk your personal data. It’s not like Google doesn’t already know all about you anyway, LOL!

Sugar Wilson

You know, it’s funny, you say it’s not a scam an yet someone has posted word-for-word what you’ve said, except they are a different person posting from Facebook. Something tells me the “You can trust Google” is just lie to make you think it’s Google when it’s not really Google.

I love it when scammers laziness causes them to shoot themselves in the foot.


I actually do have the google opinion rewards ap, and it is legit. I could care less about people trying to scam others, but this is real.


Google survey is real I have also used it to purchase gems in clash of clans but it does take some time to earn enough to make purchases


the issue is there collecting the information and you must read the privacy policy if there even is one even google can get the “rights” to seell you info that info collect can tell people a lot about you may not want them to know. depending on how much info you leak on the web they way not know what much about you… people need to protect themselves at all times and there personal data.


The evee easter egg doesnt always work, so be careful with that. Ive done it twice with an evee by naming it rainer and it turned into a flareon both times.


You can only use the name evolution trick for Evee one at a time. So if you already have a Rainer and want another, you have to rename it again to something random then rename the Evee, then evolve it. I also closed out of the app after renaming my Rainer just in case.


Now Pokémon GO available for playing on pc. Just download the game and follow simple instructions. This game is uniqe at the time. Find all pokemons!

Luke G

Theres another easter egg I found in which if you select an egg that hasnt been incubated, and you double tap the home screen, you will get a jumbled text of letters and numbers. This is known as missingno

Kevin Cheats

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I am only using it to get more pokeballs as it starts getting really expensive when you build up your collection, especially when your whole family plays it too!


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sarah hills

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