‘Pokémon Go’: How to Get Great Balls, Ultra Balls & Master Balls

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The Pokemon Ultra Ball can be obtained after players reach Level 12. (Pokemon Wiki)

After playing Pokémon Go for a while, gamers will likely be anxious to get their hands on some upgraded Poké Balls. The game features Great Balls, Ultra Balls and Master Balls; these increasingly-rare Poké Balls give players a much higher chance of catching high CP Pokémon, but none of the upgraded balls are obtained easily. So how can all three of these be unlocked in the game?

All of these items will be gradually given to you as you level through the game. Great Balls will unlock at level 12; when you reach this level, you will receive 20 Great Balls, and from now on you can get this item from Poké Stops. Also, whenever you level up from this point forward, you will receive some additional great balls.

Ultra Balls will be unlocked at level 20, and the same situation as above applies. You will be given a bunch of them for free after you reach level 20, and from now on, you will be able to get them at Poké Stops. However, as these are rare items, getting them at Poké Stops is something of a rare occurrence.

As far as the Master Ball goes, nobody really knows when this is unlocked yet. The game has only been out for a week, so it doesn’t seem that anyone has leveled up far enough to get any, but it’s speculated they may be given out somewhere around level 40.  Check back in soon for updates on this front.

Until you reach level 12, though, don’t be disappointed when you don’t receive any Great Balls or Ultra Balls from Poke Stops. You’ll just have to keep working at leveling up by getting out there and catching more Pokémon, and eventually all of your hard work will be rewarded.

Unlike regular Poké Balls, it appears that the only way to get Great Balls and Ultra Balls is through leveling up. Neither are currently available in the shop, even to gamers willing to spend real money, so once you get your hands on these items, be sure to use them wisely and get your aim absolutely perfect.

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