‘Pokémon Go’ Map of Pokémon: Find Everything in Your Area

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A user-created map shows where to find Pokemon in your area. (Pokecrew)

Looking for specific creatures in Pokémon Go can be quite the challenge. The game gives you no real guide on where to search, and there’s no way to explore the map without just walking around aimlessly. Luckily, fans have created their own systems by which to make the Pokémon hunt a bit easier.

The first is a website called Pokecrew, which allows players to enter their location and then explore the area for potential Pokémon. It works by having users enter Pokemon sightings, reporting places they have captured certain species in the past. Those then appear on the map, and all the data combined gives players a much better idea of what general area they might search for Eevee, Magikarp, Dratini, or whatever it is they’re searching for.

Of course, it’s not an exact science. Just because someone caught a Electabuzz on a certain street doesn’t mean you definitely will. But the places where Pokémon appear also aren’t completely random; species will often concentrate in certain areas based on their type, and so looking for a water type on their map may draw you to some local fountain or river you didn’t even know existed. There are also spawn areas where specific species will almost always be found.

Another one of these online resources that might be useful is PokeVision. This one actually works in real time, showing you what Pokemon have spawned around you and how much longer you have to catch them. That means that unlike Pokecrew, if you see a Pokemon on the map in PokeVision, it’s there in real life and you can go out and catch it right this second. Simply find your location, place a marker on the map, and the website will show you everything currently in your area.

PokeVision map, Pokemon go map, PokeVision map

PokeVision shows Pokemon Go players exactly what Pokemon are currently in their area. (PokeVision)

Both maps will be especially helpful when looking for rare Pokémon. Certain creatures, like Zapdos, Articuno & Ditto, are so hard to find that players, regardless of their team, have to work together to hunt them down. In fact, literally nobody has been able to find any of those three creatures yet, so when someone is able to add them to the map, it’s going to be a big deal.

This is not the only map you can make use of in order to help navigate your way through the game. There are also several online maps players can take advantage of to locate gyms and Poke Stops in your area rather than having to walk throughout town and hope they appear on your screen. For more information about these maps of gyms and stops, visit the following link:

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