‘Pokemon Go’ Pidgey Lucky Egg Calculator: How to Maximize XP Gained

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Evolving a massive amount of Pidgeys after activating a Lucky Egg can help players amass thousands of XP points. (Pokemon Wiki)

Looking to gain a lot of XP in Pokemon Go during a short period of time? One of the best tactics is to get yourself a Lucky Egg, an item that, when activated, will double the amount of XP you amass during a 30 minute period. Once this is activated, the trick is to spend those 30 minutes evolving as many low-level Pokemon as possible, and you’ll leave the session with an extraordinary amount of XP (1000 per evolution).

In particular, it is recommended that you do this trick with Pidgey, Weedle or Caterpie, as these Pokemon only require 12 candy to evolve.

But you’ll want to do it correctly and not waste the item. You wouldn’t want to activate your Lucky Egg, only to find that you don’t have quite enough candies to evolve all of the Pidgeys, or that you have plenty of candy but not as many Pidgeys as you could evolve during the allotted time. Luckily, a new website created by Reddit user bchn helps you figure out exactly how to get the most XP possible.

Simply follow these steps in order to figure out how to make use of the Pidgey trick:

  1. Visit PidgeyCalc.com.
  2. Select the Pokemon you are going to evolve. It’s recommended you use a low-leveled Pokemon like Pidgey, but the site also calculates for others like Rattata and Zubat.
  3. Enter the number of Pidgeys in your inventory.
  4. Enter the number of candies in your inventory.
  5. Hit calculate.
  6. The website will then tell you how many of the Pidgeys you can evolve in the 30 minute period and how much XP that will earn you. If you’re better off waiting until you catch more Pidgeys or until you gain more candies, the website will recommend you hold off for now.

Keeping in mind how long it takes the game to process the evolution, usually players find that they can evolve about 60 Pokemon during the 30 minute Lucky Egg session. Some have reported to have evolved slightly more than that, though, on days when the servers are abnormally fast.

Looking to collect some more candy before going on a Pidgey-evolving rampage? Here’s how you can get some more candy. And if you’re not a fan of the Pidgey trick, there’s another way to make use of your Lucky Eggs to amass tons of XP, which you can read about below: