‘Pokemon GO’ Launch Party in Dallas: The Photos You Need to See

A huge Pokemon GO launch party took place in downtown Dallas today and thousands of people showed up, hoping to catch rare Pokemon. The event was at Klyde Warren Park from 2 to 7 p.m., with an after party for adults 21 and over taking place later. Pokemon GO has a huge following in pretty much every major city. For this event, which you can read about on Facebook here, 8,200 people said they were interested and 4,100 RSVP'd on Facebook as attending.  This photo, shared by @KodiCyn on Twitter, you can see the amazing number of Poke Stops and lures from players attending the event. Feeling jealous if you weren't there? Click through the gallery to see photos of the event shared by people who were there and stories of #PokemonGoDallas. And watch this reporter's stories for more articles about other big PokemonGo events and communities. (Twitter/KodiCyn)