‘Pokémon Go’ Team Valor: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Pokemon Go's Team Valor is represented by Moltres. (Pokemon Wiki)

Pokemon Go’s Team Valor is represented by Moltres. (Pokemon Wiki)

A battle is raging in Pokémon Go, as players everywhere choose their sides and duke it out. Upon reaching Level 5, trainers are required to commit to one of three Pokémon Go teams: Instinct, Mystic, or Valor. The goal then becomes to claim gyms for your team, and regardless of why they picked the group they did, players immediately become extremely devoted to their side, boiling with rage for the two others.

Right now, the two primary teams are Mystic and Valor. The former is a bit more popular overall, but though Valor does not have as many players on its side, they have taken an impressive amount of territory and are already being seen as the most fierce and relentless of the Pokémon Go players. They truly do plan on being the very best.

Here is everything you need to know about Team Valor.

1. Their Leader is Candela

Pokemon Go Carmela, pokemon go team valor, pokemon carmela

In Pokemon Go, Team Valor’s leader is Candela. (Niantic/Reddit)

Each of the three teams has a leader, and for Team Valor, that leader is Candela.

We don’t know too much about Candela at this time, although Niantic says they hope to do more with the team leaders in the future. But we do finally know what she looks like. When the game was originally released, all we had was a silhouette of Candela, but at Comic Con, her face was finally revealed: she has short, black hair and wears a white and red jacket.

In the Pokemon Go online community, members of Team Valor have put together some pretty awesome pieces of fan art of their leader. Check out some of the very best below:

2. They Value Strength & Power

Some players pick Team Valor just because they like the color red, or because Moltres is their favorite Pokémon. Others, however, choose it because the group’s philosophy, as explained by Candela, appeals to them.

In the game, Candela emphasizes strength, saying that she believes Pokémon are even stronger than humans. She says that she is researching ways to enhance their natural power and that her Pokemon will be the strongest. The group, then, catches the eye of those with a fierce competitive streak who are in the game to win and to be as strong and powerful as possible.

For comparison, the leader of Team Mystic emphasizes wisdom and maintaining a cool head, while the leader of Team Instinct emphasizes following one’s intuition.

3. They Are the Second Most Popular Team

As of now, Team Mystic appears to be the most popular team within the Pokémon Go online community, although this will vary depending on where you live. However, Team Valor comes in second, with many more users than the third place finisher, Team Instinct.

According to a recent Kotaku poll of 100,000 gamers, 29 percent of those polled had signed up for Team Valor. For comparison, Team Mystic came in first place with 37 percent of the vote, while Team Instinct came in last with 23 percent of the vote. (9 percent said they were not on any team because they aren’t even playing Pokémon Go.)

Over on Reddit, the Team Valor subreddit has about 18,000 subscribers, while Team Mystic’s subreddit has 31,000 subscribers and Team Instinct‘s subreddit has 28,000 subscribers.

4. They Have a Reputation for Being Fierce & Aggressive

Team Valor is defined by strength and power, and those who have joined the group have earned a reputation for being extremely fierce, competitive, and relentless. As a result, members of Team Mystic and Team Instinct are both united in their hatred of Valor, although that hatred is generally exaggerated on social media for laughs.

One user-made graphic meant to describe the characteristics of each group lists under Team Valor, “visits a PokeStop every 5 minutes,” “hatches every single egg they find,” and “will walk into oncoming traffic for an Eevee.”

Some of Valor’s members beg to differ, though, saying that the group is not defined by anger, but rather by perseverance, as one Reddit user wrote on the Team Valor subreddit.

Valor is the heart. We look at a pokemon and we see more than just a number. We see potential, we see an individual who either believes or doesn’t. And, more than anything, we think that no objective to out of reach. We don’t worry how lofty a goal is, we will see it through. Our flame burns bright, even in the darkest depths.

You look at a gym, and see a 4k CP Blastoise in your way? A 5k Vensaur? a 7k Dragonite?

Bring it on. My pokemon believe we can take it, and so do I. No mountain is too steep, or ocean too deep, no road too long…

And no night is too dark. We are the torch, we are those you look against impossible odds, and think not of when we fail, but of when we succeed! When we come together, it is not an army or brute force, or some carefully planned strike force. We are a force of nature! We are fire, burning bright against the darkness! We are the promise that the sun will rise tomorrow, the knowledge that today IS NOT THE LAST!
Against all odds, we press on! We do not give up! We do not surrender! We do not compromise! We are honor! We are heart!


And at least one prominent organization has declared its allegiance to Team Valor: Arby’s.

5. They Often Take Over Gyms At Night

Moltres has not yet been found in Pokemon Go. (Pokemon Wiki)

Moltres has not yet been found in Pokemon Go. (Pokemon Wiki)

Team Mystic and Team Instinct often complain about the gameplay tactics of Team Valor, namely that they frequently take over gyms at night while other players are asleep. Even that meme above, which identifies the characteristics of Valor players, jokes that they haven’t slept in days.



Gene Davis

A friend of mine posted about this in our North Florida Team Valor group, and it is a good idea. I actually did this the other night when I took my daughter to the hospital.

For all those that play Pokemon GO, keep in mind that there are those that cannot go out and about searching for Pokémon, such as those who are stuck in hospitals. There are children and adults alike that would love nothing more than to have their chance to catch a Pokémon. So here is an idea, If you have a way, head over to a hospital, whether it has alot of PokéStops or just one, put a Lure Module into the Stop so those that cannot venture out, has the chance to play.

As I already said, I did this the other night when I had to take my daughter to Wolfsons Childrens Hospital. Set the Lure as we were leaving. As we walked out the door, I heard some kids cries of joy as they yelled out that they caught Spuirtles, Psyducks, and others.

There is always a way you can bring a smile to someones face, and if you do that, it will make you feel better about yourself.



I have not chosen a team yet, as I’m not level 5. Thank you for this comment. When I was a child in the late 80’s, I was at Shriner’s Hospital in Chicago for awhile. I’ve been where some of these children are and thank you for thinking of them. Once I get to level 5, I’m choosing Valor. When I get some lures I’ll drop them off at some hospitals.


this is not a grammar session, you understood what they meant when they spelled “alot” I think you missed the meaning, a lot of people wouldn’t think to do this to put a smile on children’s faces but then again. you probably don’t think before you type.


This is not a Valor issue. This is a humanitarian issue, I will be glad to aid your cause, bringing lures to hospital or preschool areas whenever I have the possibility.


I agree gene davis i was at a baptaist hospital today and dropped a lure for the children and young adults alike who cant go out and venture for pokemon. Everyone should do this when by any hospital or institution for the sick or unwell go pokemon go! Go TEAM VALOR

sarah hills

I actually found a good cheat for pokemon go here: pkegocheats.com


It’s Squirtle not Spuirtle. Goodness gracious don’t hate on the kids who actually know how to spell unlike all you peasants.

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