‘Pokemon Go’ Three Footprint Bug: Is the Nearby Tracker Broken?

Pokemon Go Footsteps, Pokemon Go footprint, Pokemon Go footstep glitch

A recent Pokemon Go bug has made it so that every Pokemon appears to be three footsteps away. (Niantic/ChronOver)

UPDATE: Niantic Labs has now removed the footsteps from Pokemon Go entirely, replacing it with a new “sightings” feature.

Pokemon Go offers a nifty feature that makes it easy for players to catch them all: in the tracker menu, located at the bottom right of the screen, you can see exactly which Pokemon are nearby and how close they are. One footprint means the Pokemon is rather close, while three footprints means they’re farther away.

But have you been encountering a bug with this recently whereby every single creature has three footprints?

You are not alone. It is indeed a glitch, and it’s like this for just about everybody, with thousands upon thousands of Pokemon Go fans flooding the Internet trying to figure out what the heck is wrong with the tracker. Gamers are already calling this the “three footprint bug,” and there’s currently no solution. Players who encounter it have simply been attempting to get through the game without using the tracker, desperately hoping Niantic fixes the glitch sometime soon.

As of Monday, July 18, the issue has still not been resolved. So if you are encountering the glitch, there’s nothing wrong with your phone or your phone service. You’re unfortunately just going to have to be patient, as hopefully a solution will be coming sometime in the next few days.

This is not the only glitch Pokemon Go players have been experiencing lately. There’s also the infamously unstable servers, which often crash on players during the worst possible moments and cause massive frustration. For instance, stories have emerged online of players traveling all the way to a gym or Pokestop, only to discover the servers are down and will not be back up for hours. Another common issue is making use of incense items or lure modules, items which function on a timer, only for the servers to crash. When players finally get back in the game, they’ve lost that item, which in some cases they may have paid real money for.

All these issues have created bitterness among players and a feeling that Niantic does not care to resolve the issues or respond to complaints in a timely fashion.

“The game is literally unplayable,” one Reddit user wrote. “Seriously. Starting the game takes at least 5 minutes, nothing loads, the three footprint bug still hasn’t been fixed, the game freezes almost every time when catching pokemon, gyms don’t work, pokestops don’t load and it eats 1% of my battery every 15 seconds.”

Another gamer on Reddit complained, “Yep, honestly i feel like they don’t care. I mean (i hope) they do but feels like they don’t. 4 days radio silence about the subject other than acknowledging it.”

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