‘The King of Fighters XIV’: The Teams You Need to See

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SNK is on the verge of a comeback. They've been quiet for a good while now, but now they're prepared to get back into the console gaming fold with a brand new fighter. And this fighter happens to be a highly anticipated entry in the long running King of Fighters series. The King of Fighters XIV marks the first time the franchise has ever landed on the PS4. With the power of Sony's current-gen console, the devs behind this game have tapped into to it to make sure their roster of fighters is substantial enough to keep fans intrigued. KOF 14 brings with it a total array of 50 fighters, whom are all split into 16 teams of 3 teammates. Series standby's such as Japan Team and Fatal Fury Team will be joined by brand new squads like the Villains Team and the Official Invitation Team. This gallery will give you a peek at all the teams who're ready for war. For even more info on the modes, mechanics and gameplay that KOF 14 has to offer, make sure you check out this facts preview guide. And make sure you give our review of this brand new SNK fighter a look right here.