Qualifiers for ELEAGUE and FACEIT’s ‘Overwatch’ Competition Have Finished

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A few weeks back we detailed the newest competition coming to Blizzard’s class-based shooter Overwatch. Brought to us by both ELEAGUE and FACEIT, this eSports tournament is the largest one for the game to date and will have its Grand Finals broadcasted live September 30 on TBS. Over the past four weeks, dozens upon dozens of teams in both the European and North American regions have been duking it out to be one of the top Overwatch teams to move to the next round.

8 teams emerged victorious after a series of brutal matches and are moving on to the next part in this competition. Starting on September 25, the next round of matches will begin until two teams have emerged victorious. All 8 teams will win some level of cash prizes, ranging from the lowest earnings of $6,000 to the Grand Final winners scoring a cool $100,000.

Here are the top eight qualifying teams:

  • North American Region
    • EnVyUs
    • Cloud9
    • Fnatic
    • Complexity
  • European Region
    • Misfits
    • Rogue
    • Reunited
    • Luminosity Gaming

It comes as no surprise that EnVyUs qualified in the first week as they are largely considered the best team currently playing Overwatch. Despite having some controversy surrounding their own abilities, there is little doubt that EnVyUs is certainly the team the beat going into the finals. However, one shouldn’t dismiss the other North American teams such as Cloud9 or Fnatic, both of which have proven time and time again that they have what it takes to be crowned champion. In fact, Fnatic recently won the last big ELEAGUE competition so perhaps history will repeat itself.

On the European side, both Reunited and Luminosity gave some truly stellar performances, with the latter dominating the competition last Sunday. However, Misfits and Rogue are certainly skilled enough to push their way above the others, but how they handle these amazing teams will be interesting to watch.

If we had to make a prediction about which two teams will make it to the Grand Finals, we are going to put our money on EnVyUs vs Luminosity. Despite Luminosity going through a few line-up changes, the team played incredibly patient and showcased some great map control in the payload game type. EnVyUs is still the best team currently playing and if they keep the momentum going it’s possible that they can bulldoze through the competition. One thing’s for sure, these next round of matches are going to brutal and some of the best we’ve seen in Overwatch.

You can watch any of the qualifier matchups that you might have missed right here.

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