‘Battlefield 1’ Open Beta: 5 Tips for Surviving the Sinai Desert

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The Battlefield 1 Open Beta has been released upon the world and with it comes the chaotic warfare the series is known for. While it’s easy to get caught up in all of the action, insane stunts, and eventually a sandstorm that rolls across the map. However, there are some tricks that can help you excel instead of lying facedown in the sand dunes.

Here are 5 tips for the Battlefield 1 Open Beta:

1. Turn the Kill Log on Before You Start

Battlefield 1


Just like Blizzard’s FPS Overwatch, developer DICE has hidden away the main kill feed from players when you jump into a match. Now this could be due to the developers not wanting to clutter the player’s HUD too much, but we highly recommend turning this feature on. Not only will it allow you to keep track if a pesky sniper or soldier that’s killed you has died, but give you an idea of what vehicles are currently out fighting.

Intel is critically important in Battlefield 1 and you will always want to keep updated on which side seems to be killing more. In order to turn this feature on, simply go to the main menu and scroll all the way over to the right until the “Options” menu appears. Then go into “Gameplay” and scroll down until you have the option to turn the Kill Log on. The game will automatically save this preference and you are all good to go.

2. Don’t Discredit Outlier Control Points



Control is by far one of the most popular game modes in the Battlefield series, but rarely do we get maps that boast so many locations to hold. The Open Beta map Sinai Desert currently has 7 different control points, 4 of which are clumped together around a small village. While it’s important to control the village in the center of the map, make sure to not ignore the A,G, and E points as well.

Since your score bar increases with every point you own, taking these outliers can severely turn the tide of a battle. Most of the time these sections are forgotten about since they’re so far away from all of the main action. Always consider capturing one of these objectives, especially since you will encounter less resistance.

3. Respect the Sandstorm and Use it to Your Advantage



Unlike the other Battlefield games, the weather this time around can have a dramatic effect on the match. When a sandstorm rolls in, you will lose a lot of visibility and it will be far harder to spot targets or track them while they are moving. This can be used to your advantage, however, as it will allow you to sneak past normally heavily fortified front lines and capture points behind enemies.

Also use the sandstorm to flank sniping positions, such as the cliff face over the F control point or some of the larger houses centered around C and D objectives. When actually firing into the sandstorm you can pace your shots out more since it will be harder for opponents to see where you are actually shooting from. Remember though, the sandstorm won’t last forever and can disappear just as fast as it arrived.

4. Know Where the Specialized Classes Spawn and How to Use Them



There are three specialized classes in the Sinai Desert that you can find hidden around the map and pick up. There can only be one of each class on the battlefield at any one time, so use them carefully. You can find the Flamer spawn at B, the Heavy Gunner at F, and the Anti-Tank Rifle at E.

The Flamer class is great for flushing enemies out of buildings or control points that are heavily fortified. Try not to rush enemies straight on, but flank them so you can maximize your damage. Just be careful when you are burning players up close since you can catch fire and die as well. There’s also a wind up time for your flamethrower, so always account for the delay before engaging targets.

For the Heavy Gunner you can rip apart any light armored vehicle or enemy position with little effort. This class is the front line pusher, so try to rally some other allies around you before you make a big push into an enemy are. You can take a lot of punishment, but if the enemy focus fires your position you will die quickly.

Finally, the Anti-Tank Rifle will be the most mobile of the three and should be used to finish off armored vehicles. While you can take tanks on, it’s best to act as backup for your other armored drivers. Just make sure you are behind cover and away from most of the action when firing at enemies.

5. Gas Grenades are Fantastic for Rush

Battlefield 1


One of the new grenade types introduced in Battlefield 1 are gas grenades, which can disperse a large cloud of toxin that blinds people inside of it. Now everyone can equip a gas mask, but you will no longer be able to aim down the sights if you put this on. We recommend outfitting either the Assault or Support class with gas grenades so you can maximize your hip firing damage.

Since you spawn with two gas grenades, you can use them to either push onto entrenched points or to cover you while you arm or defuse bombs. Gas grenades are also quite useful if you want to force opponents off of anti-armor emplacements, which can be the biggest hindrance when pushing for some of the early points.

There is no word yet when the Battlefield 1 Open Beta will end, so make sure to check back wit us as we update you on its status.