Do Any ‘Pokemon GO’ Scanners, Trackers, or Maps Still Work?

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Do any trackers or scanners work anymore? (Nintendo)

It looks like things are getting even worse for Pokemon GO trainers who were looking for Pokevision scanner, tracker, and map alternatives. A new update from Pokemon GO appears to have disabled everything. Are there any working alternatives left for Pokemon GO players? (To find out how to track Pokemon without a scanner, see our story here.)

Here’s what you need to know.

A New Update Disabled Tracker & Scanner Apps

A few days ago, we wrote about the disabling of Pokevision and all other apps that worked off the same API. Now it looks like the alternatives to those apps are disabled too, at the time of publication. It appears that all scanner and tracker apps, including PokeFinder, PokeMesh, Pokemon GO Live Map, PokeScanner, Smart Poke, PokeAlert, and more are now disabled. They may still show Pokestops and gyms, but they aren’t showing Pokemon.

According to a thread for Pokemon GO developers on Reddit, the problem may stem from Niantic’s increasing a minimum delay between map requested, upped from five seconds to 10 seconds. Any map or scanner app that relied on 5 seconds no longer works.

Developers are also mentioning a few other problems that may be non-trivial and far more difficult to fix, including the API no longer accepting requests from sources that aren’t the actual client. One developer mentioned that a checksum parameter was added to map requests. Reverse engineering this function could be a lot more difficult.

One Pokemon player wrote:

What Niantic doesn’t understand is we are on their side. I accept, there might be bots all around the place feeding on gps frenzy. But for a simple player like me, I don’t know where to go today… I used to rely on this github api for mapping the pokestops and gyms before i start going out.”

There may be hope, however. One developer noted that a modded apk still works without any problems, using a new account. If you’re a developer, you can learn how to create a modded APK here.

There May Still Be Workarounds for Tracking Pokemon

You may be able to rely on different tracking methods to find new Pokemon until the apps work again, according to Redditors who have been testing different tracking theories. One method is a radius-based tracking method developed by Redditor u/Rkey_, which is especially good for tracking rare Pokemon that appear on your tracker. His method, when used in conjunction with Ingress, may be the best solution so far. Try checking clusters of Pokestops first for the best success. Here’s his video explanation:

How to track pokémon without the step indicatorWe figured out that you can still track pokémon but it's more difficult than before. It's almost necessary to work in pairs. The key is to keep restarting the app to get a correct nearby list. With this correct nearby list it's possible to get a general sense of direction to where the pokémon is.2016-08-02T13:33:30.000Z

Other tips suggested by Redditors include restarting the app in order to get Pokemon to despawn, so you aren’t just seeing old Pokemon on your “nearby” pane. However, this likely will not help you find new Pokemon, as they will already be listed as being nearby. The position on the nearby pane also appears to be arbitrary and not necessarily suggesting which one is actually closest to you. Pokemon GO trainers also still suggest using Ingress to help find Pokemon GO stops and gyms and finding spawn points.

If you want to try out Pokevision alternatives that were previously suggested, please see our story below. Developers are likely hard at work trying to figure out how to make new apps or fix existing ones. We’ll update this story as we have more information. In the meantime, leave a comment below if you find a map, scanner, or tracker app that’s working.

To read more about recent Pokemon GO changes, please see:

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