WATCH: ‘Battlefield 1’ Squads Gamescom 2016 Live Stream

EA arrived at Gamescom 2016 with a whole bevy of titles to show off. One of those upcoming releases is a massive FPS that will place players back into the trenches of WWI: Battlefield 1. For their live stream event, EA will give fans another extended look into the massive multiplayer levels and features that Battlefield 1 includes. Two teams with experienced community captains (Stoddeh and Drift0r) will face off during a live stream face off. Other popular players, such as StoneMountain64, XfactorGaming, ImAnderZel and TheRelaxingEnd are set to hop into the explosive fray. You can all expect to see a new trailer for the game, too. Tune into this Battlefield 1 live stream right here.