‘Final Fantasy XV’ Pinball Minigame ‘Justice Monsters 5’ Now a Mobile Game

JUSTICE MONSTERS FIVE – LAUNCH TRAILERThe thrilling pinball minigame from FINAL FANTASY XV has gone mobile! Get it on iOS and Android devices for FREE today! Join the heroes of the Justice Monsters Five and do battle to save the planet Nova from the clutches of the diabolical Lord Vexxos! Fight for justice and defeat the forces of evil! Tap…2016-08-30T18:00:02.000Z

Minigames have long been a staple of the Final Fantasy franchise, and now there is one you can play from your phone.

Final Fantasy XV will feature a pinball minigame that Noctis and company can play at diners throughout Eos called Justice Monsters Five. It was revealed back in March that the game would be getting a mobile version, and Square Enix announced today that the app is now available for download.

Justice Monsters Five is pinball as you’ve never seen it before, as it “combines role-playing elements with some of the franchise’s most iconic monsters”. Players will aid the Justice Monsters – known as Bomb Bro, Casanova Coeurl, Fab Flan and Lamiana – in their quest to save the Nova Galaxy from the evil Lord Vexxos. They will do so by engaging in battles using simple touch and flick controls, utilizing special attacks, and recruiting and training new monsters.

From now until September 25th, Square Enix will reward players with in-game items to celebrate the launch, such as 150 golden orbs plus 5 per day as a login reward.

The game is available to download for free on both the Apple and Google Play Stores (with option in-app purchases), and will be coming soon to Windows 10.

Look for Justice Monsters Five at Crow’s Nest Diners across Eos in Final Fantasy XV when it releases worldwide on November 29.

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