‘Pokemon Go’ Incubator: How to Fix the Distance Tracker for Hatching Eggs

One problem that’s been haunting Pokemon Go players is how their distance walked is often calculated wrong by the game. Imagine if you’re trying to hatch a 5 km egg and you run 5 km, only to find that only three of those kilometers have actually been recorded. This is a big problem for many Pokemon Go trainers. And although many people thought the problem was fixed in the latest update, it looks like it’s creeping back up again. This is especially troubling since rumors are indicating that Niantic might soon give players the ability to walk their Pokemon for candy, but the distance will be calculated in the same way. Pokemon Go trainers have shared online some of the fixes they’ve found that help them keep the distance calculated tracked correctly, at least until Niantic fixes the problem permanently.

Here’s what you need to know.

Try Walking Back a Different Way Than You Arrived

On the Pokemon Go subreddit, one Redditor commented that his run/walk distance is tracking poorly again. After the update, the app’s accuracy improved and recorded about 90 percent of the distance he traveled while walking with the app open. But now, the accuracy has started decreasing again, he reported, falling below 55 percent. Other players are reporting similar problems.

One suggested fix is to make sure you don’t backtrack your steps. Apparently, the app sometimes gets confused if you walk back in the same direction that you traveled at first, and doesn’t record the “backtracking” part of your ride. Some players are trying to get around this by stopping for a while at their halfway point, and this sometimes works. Others are walking back on a completely different route, to try to get as much of the distance calculated as possible.

Try Force Closing the App

Some players on Reddit have reported that force closing the app sometimes minimizes or fixes the problem. If you’re walking and see that the distance isn’t being recorded, try force closing Pokemon Go and see if this helps. If you don’t want to risk missing the problem, then just try force closing the app right before you begin or after you finish a session with the game.

You’ll especially want to do this if you get the “infinite spinning ball” error. If this happens, the game is stuck loading and it won’t register any distance you’re walking. This sometimes happens if you put the app in the background for a while, multitask with other apps, or the time changes from day to night.

Check How Fast You’re Biking

If the problem comes up when you’re out biking, it may be that you’re traveling too fast. According to Redditor jacktheBOSS, the speed limit to be 100 percent effective is about 6.5 mph. This can be difficult to hit, as many people bike closer to 10 to 12 mph or so. Note that the 6.5 estimated speed is for 100 percent effectiveness. As Heavy reported earlier, there seems to be a 10 to 15 mph speed limit for playing, although some trainers have reported being able to access Pokestops while traveling much faster than this in a car.

Have you found another method that fixes the problem? Let us and other players know in the comments below.