How Can You Get the New Appraisal Feature in ‘Pokemon GO’?

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How can you access the new appraisal feature in Pokemon GO? (Nintendo)

Niantic has just updated Pokemon GO with a new feature: an appraisal by your team leader of your Pokemon’s skills, including its attack and defense capabilities. This is like a new in-game IV calculator, giving you an idea of your Pokemon will fare in battle. But how do you get the feature that everyone’s talking about?

Here’s what you need to know.

To get to the new Appraisal feature, you’ll first need to make sure your Pokemon GO is updated to the latest version. Check your app store and see if it indicates that there is an update available for Pokemon GO. If you don’t have your apps set to automatically update, then you could be missing out on testing this new feature. This new update is version 0.35.0 for Android and 1.5.0 for iOS devices.

After you’ve updated your app, it’s now easy to get your Pokemon appraised. First, select the Pokemon that you want appraised. Next, click the button in the bottom right corner with the three horizontal lines. This is the same button that you used to access the menu for transferring or favoriting a Pokemon.

But now, instead of clicking on “Favorite” or “Transfer,” you’ll click on “Appraise” to get details about your Pokemon:

appraise your pokemon

How to appraise your Pokemon. (Reddit)

Once you click on “Appraise,” you’ll see a series of screens where your Trainer shares details about your Pokemon and its stats. Just click on the screen to advance from one screen to the next, to learn more about your Pokemon and its stats.

To interpret the meaning behind what your trainer is telling you about your Pokemon, please see our story below: