How and Where to Upgrade Your Multi-Tool in ‘No Man’s Sky’

No Mans Sky Drone

(Hello Games)

The Multi-Tool is your bread and butter in Hello Games newest title No Man’s Sky. Outside of just exploring the world, you will be tasked with harvesting resources, defending yourself against the roaming sentinels, and collecting research data on the various wildlife. While the base Multi-Tool is useful for accomplishing all these tasks, eventually you’ll need some more firepower as your journey closer to the center of the universe. Thankfully, you are able to upgrade your tool through a variety of different means that can make your exploration easier.

One of the main ways to upgrade your No Man’s Sky Multi-Tool is by interacting with the various sentient alien species you will come across. A lot of the time they will either offer upgrades or some other rare items to the player in exchange for goods or services. It’s important to note that unless you’ve unlocked a lot of a particular species language, you won’t be able to directly understand what the aliens are asking of you.

The game will then offer you a variety of choices and if you pick the right one you’ll receive a reward, which can easily be a Multi-Tool upgrade. If you’re going to interact with a certain alien, make sure to save prior to actually speaking with it so you can restart if you pick the wrong answer.

Another way to get a Multi-Tool upgrade is either finding one in chests, at certain vendors, or behind locked doors. These are less common methods, however, especially if you are going to purchase one directly from a vendor or alien, as they typically cost a fair amount of credits. However, it’s possible to buy a completely new Multi-Tool that has different qualities or properties that can be seen as more desirable. You can also earn new Multi-Tools by completing quests or dialogue exchanges with other aliens.

Once you get a new Multi-Tool you will be given a prompt in your menu screen to compare it with your current model. Click accept and then decide if you like the one you just got or your old Multi-Tool. If you do pick a new tool, make sure to add all the upgrades that your old Multi-Tool had such as the scanner or any beam enhancements. If you switch Multi-Tools you will lose your upgrades and need to recraft them. Just make sure to always keep your eyes open for alien encampments as you could find a new upgrade for your Multi-Tool.