‘No Man’s Sky’: PC Version Will Run on Different Server

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PC players who were worried that they would miss out on content in No Man’s Sky due to the few days’ delay for the PC version can breathe a sigh of relief.

There was some concern among gamers who planned on purchasing the PC version of the space exploration game when they found out that it wouldn’t be released until August 12th, while the PS4 version would release on the 9th as planned. A few days in a huge universe may not seem like much, but we should all know by now what dedicated gamers are capable of accomplishing in that timeframe.


As seen in the image above and first reported by GameRant, Hello Games founder Sean Murray was asked on Reddit if the PS4 and PC Universes would be linked at all. He responded that no, the PC version will use different servers, which effectively means that PC gamers will have a brand-new universe to explore. He also joked that they “are running a control experiment to see who names things the most juvenile things”. The game is on.

Between this and the servers being wiped prior to the release of the massive day one patch, it’s clear that Hello Games and Sean Murray are determined that all players should start the game on equal footing and not be behind in terms of discoveries. This way, all players will start with a clean slate

No Man’s Sky releases today, August 9th, for PlayStation 4 and is set to release August 12th on Steam.