‘Paragon’: The Character Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

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Epic Games’ Paragon has been a pleasant surprise since its open alpha period. This MOBA has entered a crowded genre, but it’s managed to stand out from the pack with its unique brand of heroes and stage layouts.

We know there’s still a group of gamers out there who still haven’t ventured into it. The development team behind Paragon want to make sure you’re properly equipped to take down some towers and clear out your opposition. So much so that they put together some useful advice for players who’d like to get good with Sevarog, Gadget, Greystone, The Fey and Kallari. Skyler Laston-Gaeta (Paragon’s Competitive QA team at Epic Games) knows just what it takes to play as these heroes and what it takes to defeat them in battle. Once the Open Beta period kicks in (August 16), you shouldn’t have any issue becoming the MVP of your squad.

These character tips and tricks focus on a few of the game’s finest fighters and will make your climb to the top of the leaderboards an easier one.


– Focus on last-hitting minions with Sevarog’s Siphon ability to steal their souls and grow in power. You’ll scale impressively, and this will help you dominate opponents as you stack power with each last hit. As his power grows, so does Sevarog: he’ll get larger as he devours souls, making him an imposing sight in the Jungle and in lane.

– The Subjugate ability lets Sevarog target an area on the ground, and will both root and damage an opponent if landed. It also has an incredibly long range that you can use to your advantage: when coming out of the Jungle to gank, lead with the ability and set up your team for a quick kill.

– Sweep Sevarog’s mighty hammer with his Ultimate ability, Colossal Blow. When hit, enemy Heroes are sent flying, which makes it a powerful displacement tool. Use Colossal Blow to peel enemy melee Heroes off of your carry, or knock high priority targets into your team to finish them off. Combo your Subjugate ability with your Phantom Rush dash to quickly close gaps between you and high priority targets, and set up a clean Colossal Blow.

Colossal Blow can also be used to destroy minions instantly. Use it on large Minion waves pushing under your tower to quickly eliminate them and prevent them from damaging your towers.

Versus Sevarog: Playing against Sevarog can sometimes be difficult due to his aggressive style. However, Sevarog has limited mobility, and must be within melee range to be effective. Picking a hero like Grim.exe or Dekker can keep him out of your backline and lock him down.


– Gadget has a lot of of utility for a mage/caster. Pick her when your team has a couple of high priority carries, and you need a secondary support.

– Your Ultimate ability has very high scaling damage. Combo her Tesla Dome with large crowd control abilities like Dekker’s Wall or The Fey’s Flytrap to maximize the damage the enemy team takes.

– Gadget’s Speed Gate boosts movement speed of allied Heroes and Minions, and can help you and your teammates escape or engage on your opponents. Make sure to utilize this movement boost to save your carry or slingshot your melee characters into your opponent’s backline.

– Her Seek and Destroy skill is a powerful ability that slow enemies and, if positioned in a choke point or in the jungle, it can prevent an enemy team from pushing forward. Use Seek and Destroy in combination with her Sticky Mine and Tesla Dome to zone off large areas during teamfights and protect your carry.

Versus Gadget: When laning against Gadget, be sure to separate yourself from your Minion wave. Forcing Gadget to choose between harassing you and clearing your Minions can help you dictate the flow of the matchup.


– Greystone fulfils the role of a tanky fighter. Pick him up when your team needs a consistent tower diver, or backline disruption.

– Greystone’s Stoic passive allows lets you dedicate a majority of his build to offensive cards and still be relatively difficult to kill in fights. Take advantage of Greystone’s built in defensive stats with an offensive-focused build, and dive into the backline to take down your opponents’ carries.

Greystone’s Reforged Ultimate is your most powerful ability: when Greystone dies, he turns to stone before his spirit re-enters his body and crashes down from above, causing area damage and knocking up enemy Heroes! You’ll also return with a portion of your health and mana, ready to continue the fight! Be aware of your positioning in hopes of turning a teamfight in your favor with this powerful ability. With your Ultimate available, dive into the middle of multiple enemies to force them to reposition or take the full effect of his ultimate. The Jungle’s tight corridors can be a perfect place to come back to life and knock up the enemy team.

– Greystone allows you to play confidently and take risks. Counter jungle the enemy team’s jungle once you have your Reforged ability available, as your team has significant time to rotate to you if you get collapsed upon by the enemy team.

Versus Greystone: Against Greystone, keep an eye on his cloak, which glows gold when his Ultimate is available. If you don’t see its illumination, you can be sure he won’t return once taken down.

The Fey

– The Fey’s ultimate ability Fly Trap is a great setup tool for your team. Combo it with Gideon’s Black Hole or Steels Shield Slam to keep your opponent’s locked down for an extended duration.

Harvest Nettles allows The Fey to poke her opponents and if successfully landed, will refund all mana used for the ability. Because of the potential to conserve mana, it becomes a powerful harassment tool when in the laning phase.

– The Fey’s Bramble Patch continues to exist in the world for several seconds and reapplies its slow. Place it down in tight corridors to continue to slow your opponents multiple times.

– The Fey’s Untamed Growth ability can be used to zone out an area or tight choke point. For maximum effectiveness, layer it over your ultimate while enemies are being pulled.

Versus The Fey: Take advantage of her lack of mobility during the laning phase, and lock her down for easy kills early.


– Kallari’s Death Sentence ability can turn any close fight into a decisive victory! Dive onto an enemy when they are low and finish them off to turn early/mid game skirmishes.

– Kallari has a very in and out playstyle. If in danger during a teamfight, use her Shadow Walk to fade into stealth and re-engage on a high priority target when your opponents’ focus has turned.

– Kallari’s Crippling Dagger is a valuable farming tool. When stuck in a rough lane matchup, play safe and use your dagger to farm minions from afar as you wait for them to push under your tower.

– Counter jungling is one of Kallari’s greatest strengths. Roaming around the enemy jungle in stealth and stealing camps from your opponents can keep you ahead of the enemy jungle while allowing your team to farm your jungle.

Versus Kallari: Shadow Wards are your best friend when playing against Kallari. Always save at least one ward in case she shows up in your lane for a fight. Holding Shadow Wars for teamfights can prevent her from sneaking up on your carry. Wards save lives.

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