Eevee Build-A-Bear Workshop Plush: Release Date, Price & Photos

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Eevee will be coming to Build-A-Bear stores this week. (Build-A-Bear Workshop)

A new plush based on Eevee from the Pokemon series is coming to Build-A-Bear workshop this week.

The new Eevee plush will be 14 inches and will launch in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada on Thursday, September 1st.

Two versions of the Eevee will be made available. First, there’s the regular in-store version that you build yourself, and this will cost $28. Customers can choose from a variety of costumes when they design their own Eevee.

Then there’s the online exclusive that comes with two outfits, including a cape that will not be available in stores. The online version also comes with a sound chip that can be placed inside the plush and which makes five sounds, in addition to a trading card. This online version will cost $68.

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The online version of the Eevee plush includes an exclusive cape. (Build-A-Bear Workshop)

Orders for the online Eevee can currently be placed on Build-A-Bear’s website.

Eevee is the second Pokemon character to be sold at Build-A-Bear workshop. Earlier this year, the company began selling Pikachu pushes, although these are currently sold out. However, more are expected to arrive in stores soon.

Due to the success of Pokemon Go, and the upcoming release of Pokemon Sun & Moon, these plushes will both likely be popular items during the 2016 Christmas season. In addition, Nintendo will be capitalizing on the Pokemon Go success by releasing Pokemon Go Plusa wearable accessory that costs $35 and that notifies players when Pokemon, gyms and stops are nearby.