‘Pokemon Go’ Incubator Guide: How to Get More of Them

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Eggs must be placed in an incubator before it is possible to hatch them. (Niantic/IGN)

If you really want to catch them all in Pokemon Go, you absolutely must get used to the process of hatching eggs. After all, there are certain Pokemon that spawn so infrequently that you actually have a much better chance of getting them from an egg than from the wild. Doing this requires an egg incubator, but how do those work, exactly? And can you get more of them?

From the beginning of the game, Pokemon Go starts you off with just one incubator, although fortunately this can be used an infinite number of times. You place an egg in there, start walking around in real life, and wait for it to hatch. But if you want to work on hatching multiple eggs at a time, you need multiple incubators, and right now there are only two ways to get more of them.

The first is by leveling up. Every time you reach a new level in the game, you’ll get a few rewards, with incubators becoming unlocked at certain points. You’ll get one incubator after reaching Level 6, Level 10 and Level 15, two after reaching Level 20, one after reaching Level 25, three after reaching Level 30, and four after reaching Level 40.

The other way is by buying them at the shop. In the game’s store, an egg incubator costs 150 PokeCoins, although these incubators are not infinite and will break after three uses. You can get coins using real money, with 100 coins costing $0.99, or you can get coins by stationing Pokemon at gyms and collecting a defender bonus once a day. Infinite incubators are not available for purchase. For more, check out our guide to getting coins.

At the moment, these are the only two ways of getting additional egg incubators. It is not currently possible to obtain them from Poke Stops, although it was possible to do so in the first week of the game’s release; Niantic later changed that. This had lead to some complaints among gamers, who want Niantic to make it easier to obtain incubators without shelling out actual cash. Making it possible to get them from Pokestops again could be one solution. Other have suggested giving players another infinite incubator as a level reward; at the moment, every incubator trainers can obtain eventually breaks.

For now, though, if you’ll be hatching quite a bit, you’ll want to collect as many coins as possible so you’re ready to purchase incubators whenever they become necessary.