‘Pokemon Go’ Transfer Button Gone After Update: Where Is It?

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After a recent update, the transfer button in Pokemon Go appears to be missing. (Niantic)

A recent update to Pokemon Go is leaving a lot of players quite confused. That’s because among other changes, the button that allows you to transfer Pokemon to Professor Willow appears to be missing. What happened? Did they get rid of this feature?

Thankfully, they did not. Instead, the transfer button has simply been moved to a new location. In the old version of the game, players would have to select their Pokemon and scroll down to the bottom of the screen to transfer it to the professor for candy. Now, when you choose your Pokemon, you just need to click the button in the bottom right corner with the three horizontal lines. From there, a pop out menu will open where you’ll find the transfer option. Click that, hit yes, and you’re good to go.

The transfer button is now located in a new menu, not at the bottom of the screen. (Niantic)

The transfer button is now located in a new menu, not at the bottom of the screen. (Niantic)

Also in that menu is a favorite button. In the updated version of the app, favoriting a Pokemon will make it so you are unable to transfer it to the professor. This is a nice new feature that makes it so you don’t ever accidentally give away one of your valuable Pokemon, which can happen if you’re getting rid of a bunch of the same species at once. Now, if you hit transfer on one of your favorites, you’ll get a message saying “Cannot transfer a favorite Pokemon!” If you change your mind about this, you can always hit the favorite button again to remove the Pokemon from your favorites list.

Transferring a Pokemon to Professor Willow gives players candies associated with the given species, and those candies can be used to level up your Pokemon. For instance, transferring a Venomoth will give you Venomoth candy, which in turn can be used to level up a Venomoth. No other type of candy will work; you must use the candy associated with the Pokemon in question.

This new transfer button placement is one of the few changes in the new Pokemon Go update that fans have had positive reactions to. The same update, though, removed footprints from the game and took out battery saver mode as well. This was done because both of these features were suffering from glitches, but while players were expecting some sort of a solution in a patch, the fact that Niantic Labs simply removed these elements of the game made some believe that the developer has no solution planned anytime soon.

In fact, angry fans have begun flooding app stores with one star reviews and taking to Apple and Google to demand refunds for the money they have sunk into Pokemon Go. Within a month, so many users have completely soured on Pokemon Go, and Niantic is going to have to work hard to earn back their good will.