‘Pokemon Go’ XP Calculator: How Long it Will Take You to Reach Level 40

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An online tool helps players figure out how long it will take to reach the game’s max level. (Pokemon Go Level Speed Calculator)

Leveling up is a relatively frequent occurrence in the early hours of Pokemon Go, but as trainers progress through the game, it becomes more and more difficult. So how long should you expect to play before reaching Level 40, the game’s current max level?

To determine that, a cool little tool has been released online called Pokemon Go Level Speed Calculator. To use it, all you have to do is enter your current XP number. You can find this by clicking on your trainer icon in the bottom left of the screen, and your XP will be listed under your player’s avatar.

Next, the calculator requires you to enter the date you first started playing the game. If you don’t remember, this information is also available in the app; go back to your player profile, and under the information about XP you’ll see a “Start Date” section.

The calculator will then figure out about how much XP you’ve gained per day and use that to project how long it will take you to reach Level 40. You can also hit the “30” button to see how long it will take to reach Level 30 if you aren’t already there.

The number is probably much higher than you expected, with some trainers being told it will take them five to ten years to reach Level 40. As Pokemon Go progresses, it takes an increasingly insane amount of XP to level up, and no one has yet reached Level 40 through legitimate means; plenty have gotten there through hacks, however.

In total, you have to amass 20 million XP in order to hit Level 40. This means that between Level 39 and Level 40, you need to rack up five million XP. For comparison, it takes six million XP total to reach Level 35, so you have to get as much XP between 39 and 40 as you did for the entirety of the game up until Level 35. No wonder nobody has gotten there yet.

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