‘Pokemon Sun & Moon:’ Nintendo France Hints at Possible Starter Evolution Reveal Soon

A tweet sent out by Nintendo France today teases fans about the evolutions of starter Pokemon Rowlet, Litten, and Popplio or “Brindibou, Flamiaou” and “Otaquin.” The tweet translates to:

In your opinion, what do the evolutions look like for Rowlet, Litten, and Popplio in Pokemon Sun & Moon?

The tweet then ends with a winky face, which caused fans to wonder if the starter evolutions were going to be released soon. An English Reddit thread for Pokemon Sun & Moon titled, “A tweet by Nintendo of France seems to be hinting about the starter evos being revealed soon…either that or they just want to see our reactions to screw with us” quickly racked up the upvotes.

Redditors focused in on the replies to the Nintendo tweet, which included some humorous images of what the starter evolutions may look like.

But most shared of the images was the alleged final starter evolutions from “the Chinese leak.” The Chinese leak occurred in July when a post on 4chan by a user known only as “sun moon leaker” suggested that the starters will have multiple evolutions depending upon if they evolve during day or night, hence “Pokemon Sun & Moon.”

The leak didn’t get much traction until “Alola forms” were revealed earlier this month, which the Chinese leak correctly guessed.

To view the alleged leaked evolutions of the starters and to learn their alleged English names, click here.

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