‘Pokemon Sun & Moon’ PokeDex Leak: Final Typings for ‘Robinroot, Beltigre, & Sirene’

Following an alleged Pokemon Sun & Moon leak on 4chan yesterday by a user known as “sun moon leaker," it was suggested that the final evolutions of Rowlet, Litten, and Popplio may have different typings. This seems to follow a previous leak, known as "the Chinese leak," that stated that the starters would have different evolutions depending on if they were evolved during day or night—hence Pokemon Sun & Moon. The leaked names of the starter evolutions are:

722 Rowlet (GRASS/FLYING)
723 Archoot (GRASS/FLYING)
724 Robinroot (GRASS/VARIOUS)

725 Litten (FIRE)
726 Pantherm (FIRE)
727 Beltigre (FIRE/VARIOUS)

728 Popplio (WATER)
729 Sirilio (WATER)
730 Sirene (WATER/VARIOUS)

However, their final typings are "various."

Find out the final typing leaks by sun moon leaker here. Above is the alleged Chinese leak of "Robinroot." According to the leak, Robinroot can either be: Grass/Flying, Grass, Grass/Ground, or Grass/Electric.

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