‘Pokemon Sun & Moon’: Baby Cow Pokemon Accidentally Leaked?

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A sticker from an official Pokemon Company sticker pack available on Asian versions of the Line messenger app shows Pikachu next to an unknown, red, calf Pokemon. Could it be the baby of Tauros and Miltank? The source of the sticker can be viewed here.

However, Redditor SkyeWolfofDusk doesn’t think it is. He writes:

These stickers were made by fans for the app, even if they are official I think someone just slipped a fake Pokemon in there. So don’t get your hopes up.

Others Redditors pointed out that it was “akabeko,” which is a red, legendary cow from Japan. But some Redditors hoped that it may be a new, akabeko-based Pokemon.

Fans have long hoped for pre-evolution, or “baby” Pokemon of Tauros and Miltank. With the recent trailer turning the Pokemon world on its head, it seems as if anything is possible now.

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