Report: New ‘Splinter Cell’ in Development

new splinter cell game

Luckily, there’s some good news for gamers following the unfortunate Final Fantasy XV delay this morning, as a new report claims that Sam Fisher is returning for a brand new Splinter Cell game.

According to NeoGAF user Crossing Eden, who has a pretty solid track record when it comes to breaking gaming rumors, two of his sources have confirmed that an all-new Splinter Cell game is in development at Ubisoft, and it will see the return of actor Michael Ironside as Sam Fisher.

The last time we saw Ironside as Sam Fisher was in 2010’s Splinter Cell: Conviction before he was replaced with actor Eric Johnson in the most recent outing of the franchise, Splinter Cell: Blacklist, in 2013.

The source notes that Ironside was spotted at one of Ubisoft’s new mocap studios last summer and Ironside mentioned while on the set of The Space Between that he was working on a new Splinter Cell game as well.

Fans of the franchise were removed from the character with Johnson’s iteration, with many clamoring for Ironside’s return. If this rumor holds true, the next game in the franchise will see the actor reprise his role. As always when it comes to gaming rumors, take the information with a grain of salt. But, all signs are pointing to a Splinter Cell: Blacklist 2 with Ironside in tow.

Of course, it appears to be early on in the development, so don’t expect an official announcement anytime soon. It’s likely that a new Splinter Cell game would release for Xbox One, PS4, and PC, as past games have been released on all major consoles. And with Ubisoft’s CEO Vyes Guillermot’s thoughts on the Nintendo NX, we wouldn’t be surprised if it were a launch title.

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Ubisoft will have to change more than Ironside to appease me! Blacklist was the most moronic action ever and worst yet called “Realistic”. The only realism in Blacklist was the background scenery. Imagine an enemy pops up like a Jack In The Box more than 100 feet away and lobs an unaimed grenade to within inches of Sam. Drones that can outrun a dog (a lot of RC people would scramble to buy one of those), Magically appearing enemies directly behind Sam’s back. Sonar goggles a drone transmission blocks??? Get real idiots, different frequencies needed to operate each and unless drone operators have 10,000 watt transmitters on their backs, no bleed over or harmonics. Oh and drone operators able to effectively control a dozen drones at a time?? The Pentagon will be visiting Ubisoft for those plans. I don’t mind a tough game to play, in fact I crave them, but reality must be observed or I might as well be fighting an alien invasion from Alpha Centuari whose troops are armed with nuclear bomb proof body armor and whole city block disentigrators. Blacklist isn’t to far off from that scenario. Oh and how odd is it that Sam’s weapons are all silenced and you suddenly hear loud weapon fire at Sam’s location followed by being surrounded by enemies with no escape but to die. And how is it that Sam’s location is suddenly mysteriously known and attacked by drones or dogs?
Ubisoft literally hates good players as Blacklist is loaded with “No way in hell can you win subroutines”, don’t believe me, just try playing all 20 embassy levels at any embassy and get 20 no retries in your score. Can’t be done, Ubisoft makes sure of that. Oh, and how is it when Sam has full body armor on and an enemy kills him with a single hip shot from a Makarov and yet it takes three shots from Sam’s high powered rifle to the center body mass of an enemy with no armor in order to kill him?? Basically Blacklist was developed by Sadists for the enjoyment of Masochists who have absolutely no concept of reality. Finally, my biggest gripes of all Ubisoft games are (1) changing the players weapon settings, (2) only one way to play, their way and no other even when there are other obvious ways to play out a scene, but no, IT HAS TO BE THEIR WAY or the game gets reset until you OBEY (assholes) and (3) unrealistic game play, (4) Game developers whose idea of an enjoyable game is stuck in the 1980’s, game players are no longer uneducated, snot nosed, pre-teens who wouldn’t know real life from a pop tart, (5) Your games are too predictable, every time the game is played anew, it should change enough to keep the player from easily beating it, an AI that remembers the players last play moves and does it differently, (6) if an enemy can go there or be there, so can Sam. Grow up Ubisoft, the game players have!!! Or do you want to stick with only 19 million copies sold?


I agree that Blacklist wasn’t as good as some of the past Splinter Cell titles. Personally, I feel like the original Splinter Cell (PS2) game was the best one. I just felt like the gameplay in the original was a lot better than in the rest of the titles.


Gee Richard, looks like your one of those masochistic types I said would be the only ones to love the game. The only loser or stupid one here is the one who uses such an attack instead of intelligent commentary. You probably play only on the “Rookie” level. Why don’t you try it on the “Perfectionist” level and see if you can make it all the way to the 20th level at the four Embassy’s. I’ll be laughing as you fail.

Sgt. Black

You guys don’t know how moronic you sound. I served in US Army Special Operations for 10 plus years and really miss the adrenaline and the action. Operational planning and covert movements heightened the excitement and now that I am out I miss the rush. I was hooked on Blacklist because I couldn’t believe how realistic it was. I felt like I was doing it all over again!. Many of the weapons used were accurate (even some you wouldn’t think we’re even known about) We specialized in counter terrorism and it was astounding. Can’t wait for Blacklist 2!!!


I want Eric Johnson back. Ironside’s performance is completely devoid of believability since no one can pull off the stuff Sam Fisher does in the games while sounding so ancient and decrepit. I’m sure Ubisoft is aware of this though, and is only bringing Ironside back to appease equally ancient fans, but at the cost of alienating potential new ones. What a shame.


In my opinion, Ironside’s voice was perfect for Conviction and early games based on what he looked like. But with Blacklist they made it Sam look like he travelled 15 years back in time. Sure, Eric was good for the look and purpose, but Ubisoft needs to step up their game with this, otherwise fans will lose interest.


You do realize that Sam Fisher’s character is actually supposed to be older than Ironside is in real life right? If you go back to the original game for 2002 they even state that Sam was already pretty old. Your comment, where I understand what you’re trying to say, is a bit misguided. If anything should be done by Ubisoft, it should be retiring Sam Fisher’s character and moving onto a newer, younger if they’d like, one. But to say Ironside sounds so ancient and decrepit? Ha, he’s supposed to! He’s in his late 60s, and Sam Fisher’s character is actually in his mid-70s! So I would actually say the voice acting for that character would be set by Ironside than by someone who is younger, which is why I didn’t care for the voice acting of blacklist. It just didn’t sound right..its like he magically got 30 years younger. For me, the true voice of Sam Fisher will always be Ironside. But, I will agree that it isn’t believable that a guy thats in his 60s-70s is scaling walls and such.

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