Top 200 ‘Overwatch’ Player Caught Cheating and Banned Mid-Match

I DIDN'T CHEAT READ DESCRIPTION) Korean streamer got banned in middle of the game because of hacksI recorded someone is cheating on a broadcast that is all. Don't call me cheater :( I'm feeling sad.. the hacker was in the top 200 rank in korea server after he started broadcasting he got instant banned XD. good work blizzard2016-08-01T07:52:21.000Z

If there’s one thing that Blizzard takes seriously when it comes to their video games, it’s cheating. Overwatch has been a game that has always taken banning cheaters seriously, as the game employs a one strike rule for anyone trying to break the game. What this means is that if the player is found to be cheating, they will be instantly banned from Blizzard’s online service without warning. There’s no real way to appeal this process or even get back online since this service directly bans your IP address.

Recently a high ranking Korean Overwatch player found this out the hard way as a video by Youtuber KiD x showcases the player utilizing an aimbot. The story was first reported by Kotaku and the video showcases the Top 200 Korean player blatantly utilizing this software to gain an advantage over his foes. For those who do not know, an aimbot is a hack that will snap your crosshairs to the head of any target, regardless of which way you’re facing. This pretty much guarantees perfect headshots and when using a class such as Widowmaker, make dispatching foes quite easy.

In the video, you can see the player using an aimbot through various points as his crosshairs will seemingly snap in a random direction that seems incredibly unnatural. This goes on for a few minutes until the player is forced out of the match he is currently playing and is instantly banned from playing Overwatch. While this may seem harsh to some, it’s a great way of deterring any would-be hackers attempting to ruin the game for others.

Yet, the most interesting part of this entire affair is that the cheating player in question was actually streaming this to the world. There is no telling if this is the direct reason he was discovered, but if you’re going to cheat in a video game, streaming it to thousands of people is not a smart choice. Either way, it’s incredibly clear that Blizzard is not tolerating any use of cheating regardless if you are in Quick Play or the Competitive Mode. Perhaps spending the hours to just practice getting headshots might be a better use of your time.

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