WATCH: ‘ReCore’ Gameplay Trailer Gamescom 2016

Microsoft has begun their Gamescom presence by giving us a new gameplay trailer for the highly anticipated Xbox One and Windows 10 exclusive, ReCore.

The new ReCore gameplay trailer follows protagonist Joule Adams as she traverses through different areas of Far Eden with her group of Corebot companions. This is the second time that the game has been shown in action, as we received a 10-minute trailer showcasing the game’s mechanics in June at E3 2016.

ReCore hails from legendary creator Keiji Inafune, who created Metroid Prime and the character design for the Mega Man series, so it’s no surprise that we see a lot of similar elements in ReCore‘s gameplay. Basically, it looks like the proper Mega Man successor for a new generation of gamers.

ReCore Gameplay Trailer Gamescom


Inafune’s most recently released game, Mighty No. 9, did not go over well with critics, with many calling the game one of the most disappointing games of all-time. Hopefully, ReCore will be a return to form for Inafune, and judging by the first ReCore gameplay trailer, it looks to be just that.

ReCore’s release date has been set for September 13 in North America, September 15 in Japan, and September 16 in Europe.

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