What Do the Pink Paws in the ‘Pokemon GO’ Update Mean?

pink paws pokemon


Some Pokemon GO trainers got a happy surprise when their app updated: a new, enhanced tracking system. Exactly what you’ll see in your app varies depending on which UI you were given, or if you were even a part of the small subset that gets to test the feature at all. One of the big questions regarding this new release concerns the “Pink Paws” icon showing up in some people’s tracking update. What do they mean? Are they always just “three paws”?

Here’s what you need to know.

The pink paws icon is only showing up for people who are part of a special subset that gets to test a new enhanced Nearby feature on Pokemon GO. For these people, they’re seeing a pink paw icon when they’re tracking a Pokemon under the “Nearby” section. These Pokemon are all at Pokestops, and the pink pawprint icon helps lead you to them.

So far, each pink icon shows three paws in it. The three paws appear to have a similar meaning to the three footsteps. Redditor FireDMG reported that for his test version, from San Francisco, the paws remain as a set of three at all times. They don’t change if you get closer to a Pokemon. He estimated that the paws’ icon detects Pokemon from right around the corner to about three city blocks away. But because a marker shows you exactly which Pokestop has your Pokemon, the number of paws in the icon really isn’t that important.

Redditor will650 confirmed this finding. He said that even if a Pokemon is right in front of you, the icon still shows three paws.

To see photos of the rare Pokemon Nearby update, please see our story below: