What Does Team Valor’s Appraisal Mean in ‘Pokemon GO’?

team valor appraisal

On Reddit, eXeLE shared this photo of Candela’s Team Valor appraisal. (Reddit/eXeLE)

With Niantic’s latest Pokemon GO update, trainers have an entire new set of Pokemon information to use in order to better understand their Pokemon. A new “Appraisal” feature has been added that allows trainers to better understand their Pokemon’s attack and defense capabilities, so they can decide which will be best in specific battles. But what do Candela’s sentences found in the appraise feature mean for Team Valor?

Here’s what you need to know.

Team Valor Appraisal & IV

When it comes to an overall analysis of your Pokemon’s IV range, Candela is reported by Gamepress to say:

  • “Overall, your (Pokemon) simply amazes me. It can accomplish anything!” — IV 81% to 100%
  • “Overall, your (Pokemon) is a strong Pokemon. You should be proud! — IV 67% to 80%
  • “Overall, your (Pokemon) is a decent Pokemon.” — IV 51% to 66%
  • “Overall, your (Pokemon) may not be great in battle, but I still like it!” — IV 0% to 50%

Team Valor on Pokemon Attack, HP, & Defense

As for your Pokemon’s stats, you’ll first be told which stat (attack, HP, or defense) has the highest IV by being told this is your Pokemon’s “best attribute.” Next, if another stat has the same value as your best stat, Candela will say: “It is matched equally by its ___.”

As far as the exact IV comments, according to Redditor Zachman1750, if your Pokemon has at least one stat with a bonus value of 15, Candela will say: “I’m blown away by it’s stats, wow!”

And Reddit also reports that with one stat having an IV of 13 or 14, Candela will say: “It’s got excellent stats! How exciting!”

Gamepress reports that for a bonus value of 8 to 12 on one stat, Candela says: “Its stats indicate that in battle, it’ll get the job done.”

And for a bonus value of 0 to 7: “Its stats don’t point to greatness in battle.”



Candela’s Comments on Pokemon Size

Because the trainers are commenting on your Pokemon’s size, it’s likely that this will play a more important role in future versions of Pokemon GO. If your Pokemon is XS, Candela says: “Your (Pokemon) is so tiny, I almost didn’t notice it!” For an XL Pokemon, she says: “Your (Pokemon) is gigantic-the largest I’ve ever seen!” For a large Pokemon she says: “Your (Pokemon) is rather sizable, that’s for sure!” And for a small Pokemon you’ll see: “Aww, what a small (Pokemon)! It’s rather cute, I’d say.”

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