‘Destiny’ Community Solves Wrath of the Machine Monitor Puzzle



In the new Destiny raid, Wrath of the Machine, players have been scrambling since launch to figured out all of its secrets and easter eggs. One of the most infamous came in the form of four monitors you had to turn on so you could pass through a laser grid after the final boss Aksis. However, while the other three monitors were quickly and relatively easily discovered the fourth one had remained a secret for some time. Many players within the community had varying theories on how this exactly to obtain this fifth monitor, but almost all were proven wrong. Yet, one of the Destiny Communities top streamers Datto finally discovered the secrets about how to enter this room and he got more than he bargained for.

Backing up, however, the first four monitors can be easily found when exploring through the raid and will only require a bit of platforming to reach them. The first monitor can be found in the television room in the front left blast chamber that you use to protect yourself from his team wiping attack. When you’re in this room look up and you should see an inactive fan that you can jump on top of. Hop up into the pipe and follow it all the way down to the monitor laying next to some SIVA wiring. The second monitor can be found at the jumping puzzle just after you defeat Vosik and activate the last monitor. During your travels in this area, you will come across a room with four red pillars and various fans spinning above you. Climb up onto the rafters and follow the hidden passage until you come across the second monitor.

Your third monitor is actually located after you defeat the Siege Engine boss, but you will still need to be on the bridge before it falls off. Once you jump off the runaway machine, wait for it to fall off so it deactivates the electrical siding and then move to the right-hand side of the bridge. You should see an area with concrete overlapping the guardrail, jump onto this and begin shooting a metal plate that’s hanging on to the wall. Shoot this and it will fall off allowing you to enter this narrow area and turn on the third monitor. In order to get the newly discovered fourth monitor, you’re going to need to split your team up into two groups and have them stand at specific points. First, four of your fireteam members will need to go to the massive black diamond room and stand on

First, four of your fireteam members will need to go to the massive black diamond room and stand on these specific four canisters without moving. Then send the remaining two members to the server room and have them go to the right and left until they find the two blank monitors. There should be platforms by them, have them stand on them in concert with those in the black diamond room. Wait a few seconds and the prompt to activate the final monitor will appear on their screen, allowing you to move onto the next step.

Okay, we aren’t done yet as this puzzle is about to go from cryptic to down right insane. Once you have the “activate” monitors prompt have all of the players on the canisters get off and hop back onto the catwalks in front of them. Now we have some serious numbers and jumping to do as both monitors will spit out a series of numbers that we recommend you jot down. What’s going to happen is the numbers given to your people in the server room are acting as code for where the other people in the black diamond room need to go and stand. This sequence appears to be random and can start from the baseline 0000 or any other number that’s possible with the black diamond room’s size. (Note: 0 in this case means the first row or column.) The left-hand monitor is going to give you the column numbers while the right-hand one is going to give you the rows. You will then need to convert (I told you this was crazy) them from binary to decimal using this website.

Once you convert the first series of numbers have the person in “Section 00” step onto his cannister, which should light up once you’re on it. You will then get a new number and need to convert that and repeat the entire process until all four sections have a person standing on them.After the last person stands on their cylinder the black diamond will open up for everyone and you can regroup. Now you will have to go through the raid and beat Aksis so you can enter the laser grid room at the back of the boss room.

Jump down, activate the final monitor and pass through the now nonlethal hallway to a chest. Open it and you should get a brand new quest titled “Be the Battery” that will ask you to complete a series of tasks across Destiny. Congratulations, you have taken your first step into a larger world. Thanks to everyone in the Destiny Community for rallying together and figuring this complex puzzle out, we couldn’t have done it without any of you.

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