‘Destiny: Rise of Iron’ – Be the Battery Quest Guide


(Bungie – Datto’s Stream)

For those who went through the insane steps to unlock the hidden chest at the end of the Aksis boss fight, you were rewarded with the “Be the Battery” questline. Thanks to the Destiny community and Datto for going through all these steps and quests to unlock this powerful raid exotic weapon. Once you have unlocked the “Be the Battery” questline the first step will task you with completing the following tasks in Destiny: Rise of Iron:

  • Finish a Nightfall Strike
  • Finish 3 Public Events in the Plaguelands
  • Finish 3 Heroic Strikes or Crucible Matches
  • Get 50 Kills with a Pulse Rifle

When this is finished you will unlock the next step of the quest called “That Light May Bind” which asks you to  Synchronize the Engine so SIVA’s energy can flow through it. This is actually incredibly easy as you just need to enter the right numbers in the SIVA Engine you will receive. When looking at the SIVA Engine the top section is number 1, the middle is 2, and the very bottom row is 3. Each class has a different number to input into the machine in order to progress.

  • Hunters: 23223
  • Warlocks: 31313
  • Titans: 32323

In order to progress this mission if you are going to need a fireteam of all three classes and will need to wait for their SIVA Engines to be tuned as well before you can progress. After finishing the codes you’ll be given the “Parts of a Whole” quest and asked to complete another series of tasks to progress.

  • Explore the Plaguelands 0% – 100%
  • Fight 3 Times in the Archons Forge
  • Destroy Sepiks Perfected

(Bungie – Datto’s Stream)

Your SIVA Engine will now be charged and you’ll have to input another series of class specific codes into the device for it work. The sequence numbers are the same as before, except the third row is number 3 and the very bottom one is 4.

  • Hunters: 24414
  • Warlocks: 13334
  • Titans: 42123

Okay, we are almost done, but you will need to complete the raid once again and collect all of the parts that drop from Vosik, the Siege Engine, and Aksis. Do this and you will need to align the engine one last time, but now the value has to equal 730, with the starting number changing between classes. You will want to use this calculator in order to easily solve this one last puzzle. Do this and you will be asked to speak with Shiro so you can finally receive a shiny new exotic called Outbreak Prime.

The Outbreak Prime will drop at 390 light and has quite a few interesting perks that could wreak some serious damage upon enemies. It first comes with Outlaw which is always a fantastic addition, but the secondary ability acts as an alternative version of Firefly. Instead of spewing out fire, when this activates small SIVA clouds will spawn and attack other enemies causing damage over time. It also does extra damage to Fallen so you can take out all your aggressions on them for making you go through this nonsense!

There you have it Guardians, one of the most complicated quests in Destiny’s history. Make sure to grab yours up as soon as possible since the base 390 Light stat will certainly help some people level up quickly.

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