‘Destiny’: Xur Location and Gear September 30



Another week and another visit from everyone’s favorite exotic vendor Xur. With both Rise of Iron and the Wrath of the Machine raid behind us, it’s time to put all of those stored Strange Coins to good use with this weeks inventory. Don’t expect any Year 3 exotics from Xur this week as his collection this time around is harkening back to the days of old with this classic selection. You can find Xur at The Tower this week down in the nightclub underneath Amanda Holiday. To get there, go right from the spawn and head into the main hanger. From there you will want to go left and down the steps by the Dead Orbit vendor until you reach the barely used nightclub. Xur will be behind the bar in the very back surrounded by Guardians.

In addition to his collection of exotics, Xur has also brought the Heart of Gold weapon ornament for the Truth rocket launcher and the Iconoclast weapon ornament for the Invective shotgun. These costs 25 Silver Dust a pop, so if you have been saving up consider picking one or two up. As for the main exotics, this week he is selling the MIDA Multi-Tool, Voidfang Vestments, Sealed Ahamkara Grasps, The Armamentarium, and a Legacy Leg Armor Engram.

The Armamentarium

  • Roll: Discipline
  • Armor: Chest Piece
  • Cost: 13 Strange Coins
  • Unique Perk: Gain an additional grenade charge.

The Armamentarium may seem simplistic in design, but this exotic is incredibly useful for both PvE and PvP. This is mainly because it won’t limit you to which subclass you have to use, allowing for Titan users to make the most of their additional grenade charge. While there are flashier exotics that the Titan’s could use, the sheer utility of having a second grenade shouldn’t be ignored. This is great for not only Elimination game types like Trials of Osiris but also high-end PvE content like Nightfalls. Pick this one up if you are looking to get a boost to your armory, but don’t expect any crazy shenanigans like with the Twilight Garrison.

Sealed Ahamkara Grasps

  • Roll: Intellect/Strength
  • Armor: Gauntlets
  • Cost: 13 Strange Coins
  • Unique Perk: Gain an additional melee charge, and melee damage may reload your Primary Weapon.

Considered many of the points I just made with The Armamentarium, but just reverse them for melee charges instead of grenade. Personally, I used to run these all of the time for high-level PvE content due to the Hunter having such useful melee abilities. One of the best comes in the form of some or venom which you will get two of with this, allowing you to have a bit more flexibility with who or what you use them on. While the roll isn’t the best, (typically you want Discipline instead of Intellect for these) this should be grabbed by anyone who finds themselves running out of smoke or Blink Strikes often.

Voidfang Vestments

  • Roll: Discipline/Strength
  • Armor: Chest Piece
  • Cost: 13 Strange Coins
  • Unique Perk: Spawn with full grenade. Axion Bolt gains an additional seeker.

I have a very love-hate relationship with this piece as it is by far the best looking exotic for the Warlock class. However, this is one of those exotics that’s really only useful for PvP content over PvE, thanks to the “Spawn with full grenades” perk. Unless you are dying a lot in the raid or Nightfalls then you are only really playing with half of what this exotic offers. Yes, the additional seeker is great for Bloom builds, but there are just far better exotics for PvE based content than this. In terms of the Crucible, this is actually a really viable option as the grenade charge isn’t bound to just the Voidwalker sub-class.

MIDA Multi-Tool

  • Primary Weapon: Scout Rifle
  • Cost: 23 Strange Coins
  • Unique Perk: This Weapon boosts move speed and fires on a hair trigger.

Okay, the MIDA Multi-Tool has been considered one fo the best PvP focused exotics ever to release in Destiny’s history. This scout rifle has a great sweet of perks such as Third Eye, Quickdraw, and Field Scout which can make it incredibly customizable. Even though Bungie heavily reduced the flinching effect, the MIDA Multi-Tool is still a powerhouse in PvP and should be picked up by any scout rifle enthusiast. On the PvE side of things, it’s above average but there are better choices out there. The perks that come with MIDA are clearly suited to PvP content and not so much running raids or strikes.

This week Xur clearly focused on bringing us utility exotics over big, flashy ones like last week. Remember, all of these exotics will drop at 350 Light which can be useful if you need to infuse anything to help bump your level up. You can also just buy these in order to obtain Exotic Shards, which can be used to infuse your current exotic gear as you level your character up. Best of luck to you Guardians, we will see you in The Plaguelands.

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