‘Destiny’: Xur Location and Gear September 9-11



With Rise of Iron less than two weeks away and the newest update hitting Destiny yesterday there is a lot of excitement in the air. For those who usually pass on visiting Xur, you might want to reconsider since it’s been reported (and in fact confirmed) that exotics are dropping at 336+ Light Level and a brand new one called Trespasser is decrypting from engrams. If you’ve been hoarding your Strange Coins until now, consider picking up Three of Coins packs so you can try and get this rare weapon. This exotic side arm fires in three shot bursts and if you reload after a kill it will fire with an even more powerful burst.

Xur can be found this week right across from where The Speaker is located on the left-hand side of The Tower. This week’s inventory is a mixed bag but does contain possibly my favorite gun in the entire game, so that’s always a plus. If you’ve been looking for an exotic helmet this week rest easy because that’s pretty much all he’s selling. On top of his exotics, Xur is also offering a Gauntlet Legacy Engram, Three of Coins, and various consumables like Motes of Light.

An Insurmountable Skullfort:

  • Roll: Discipline/Strength
  • Armor: Helmet
  • Cost: 13 Strange Coins
  • Unique Perk: Gain an additional melee charge

The Insurmountable Skullfort has always been a solid PvP exotic for those who are focused around fighting at close range. Giving your character an extra melee can certainly save them if they need an extra overshield or to finish off a strong opponent. While there are better, more focused exotics that can add perks or unique abilities; the Insurmountable Skullfort is a generally solid choice for anyone who needs to fill an exotic slot out. It also is being offered with a Discipline/Strength roll which is always what you want with a melee build, so we recommend picking this one up if you don’t already have it. Plus, you are going to look very fashionable for any Destiny related raves in the future.

ATS/8 Arachnid

  • Roll: Intellect/Discipline
  • Armor: Helmet
  • Cost: 13 Strange Coins
  • Unique Perk: Golden Gun last longer and zooms further when aimed

Well, they can’t all be winners, right? The ATS/8 Arachnid is an utterly underwhelming exotic that really isn’t needed by anyone who uses the Gunslinger sub-class. While the extra time using the weapon can be nice in the Crucible, you shouldn’t be in a situation where you need to hold onto your shots for that long. There are far better options if you want to use a Hunter specific exotic for PvP. In terms of PvE, this can also be avoided because the Golden Gun itself is already super easy to aim and anyone who can land headshots reliably won’t need the extra zoom effect.

Apotheosis Veil

  • Roll: Intellect/Discipline
  • Armor: Helmet
  • Cost: 13 Strange Coins
  • Unique Perk: After activating your super, you will receive immediate health, grenade, and melee regeneration.

The Apotheosis Veil is a fantastic exotic if you are building a Warlock around abusing their super as much as possible. While other exotics like the Obsidian Mind can instantly refill your super, this particular exotic adds more survivability and can make your Warlock into a bit of a tank. Combining it with any number of weapons can really push the usefulness of the Apotheosis Veil and it ironically works perfectly with the weapon Xur has on sale this week. Seriously, if you are using your super a lot pick this one up immediately.

Bad Juju

  • Primary Weapon: Pulse Rifle
  • Cost: 23 Strange Coins
  • Unique Perk: After each kill, this weapon will reload instantly and increase damage for a short time. Kills will help charge your super.

I. Love. This. Gun. The Bad Juju is one of the single best PvE exotics in the entire game and can do some serious damage if you can master landing criticals. The ability to instantly reload after each kill means you can take on waves of enemies without every reloading. This alone is fantastic, but it can also charge your super up at a breakneck speed if you find yourself surrounded by a lot of enemies. Combining this weapon with either the Obsidian Mind or Apotheosis Veil pushes it well beyond its limits. If you don’t own this gun we high recommend picking it up, especially if you’re a PvE enthusiast.

Xur brought some interesting loot this week, but by far the best offering is the Bad Juju. However, if you are hesitant on buying any of these exotics, consider picking up some Three of Coins so you can start decrypting engrams. Who knows, you could be the lucky player to uncover a Year 3 exotic and be the talk of The Tower until Rise of Iron. Best of luck to you Guardians.

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