‘Final Shot’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Official FinalShot (by Netmarble) Launch Trailer – (iOS / Android)FinalShot FPS by Netmarble Final Shot is the hottest FPS of the year! Enjoy Multiplayer battles with tons of weapons and easy-to-use controls! Change the tides of war and make the Final Shot! 1. The best multiplayer FPS for your phone! Only on mobile! One tap is all it takes to instantly call for backup!…2016-09-02T02:16:25.000Z

Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Final Shot.

1. Join a Clan and Dominate the Scene

Final Shot Netmarble

• Part of the fun in Final Shot is the ability to form or join a Clan with your friends and compete with other rival teams to earn fame. You can also only access some of the game’s features after joining a clan, such as Clan Missions and Clan League. If you haven’t joined a Clan yet, head on over to the Clan Menu by tapping on the Clan Button from the Lobby and checking out all those Clan recommendations. You can also search specific Clans to join or basically check out.

2. Welcome to the Leagues

Final Shot Netmarble

• There are two types of Leagues: the Solo League and the Clan League. You can access the League by tapping on the League button from the Lobby. From here, you can check on your current League points and tier as well as the time remaining until the next season.

3. Invite Your Friends and Send Fame to Your Friends

Final Shot Netmarble

• Tapping on the Friends Button will open up the Friends Menu. From here, you can invite your Facebook friends or other players to be your friends in-game. You can also earn awesome Gem rewards by inviting your Facebook friends as well. If your friends already have a SNS account and you connect your SNS account to the game, they will automatically be added to your friends list.

4. Change Characters and Bring Different Strengths to the Field

Final Shot Netmarble

• You can change characters from the inventory menu by tapping on the character tab and selecting from the available characters. Each character has different stats and strengths so be sure to check them by tapping on the desired character.

5. Improve Your Weaponry With Upgrade Kits

Final Shot Netmarble

• Enhance your Weapons by using Upgrade Kits. Upgrade Kits vary in the way that they enhance your weapon. To equip an Upgrade Kit, simply tap on the desired Upgrade Kit and press Equip. Please note that you cannot equip two similar Upgrade Kits at the same time.

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