‘Heroes of the Storm’: Murloc Geniuses Win the North American Fall Regional #2

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With the second North American Fall Regional finished, Murloc Geniuses have swept through once again and held onto their title as Heroes of the Storm champions. However, the road to defending their eSports crown was not easy, as Murloc Geniuses had to compete through the lower brackets in order to compete in the Grand Finals. Waiting for them was Denial eSports who fought against them in a best of five for $25,000.

Murloc Geniuses did not sweep through Denial as their great mix of offense and defense gave the defending champions quite a challenge. Denial had fantastic synergy among their hero choices, allowing them to turn the tide of losing battles very quickly. This threw MG for a bit of a loop during the fourth round as Denial seemed to win almost every team fight they participated in. However, this aggressive strategy was not enough as the fifth and final round was taken by Murloc Geniuses who did a great job of not letting their previous loss decimate their moral.

The final standings for the North American Fall Regional #2 are as followed:

  • First Place: Murloc Geniuses
  • Second Place: Denial eSports
  • Third Place: Team Naventic
  • Fourth Place: Astral Authority
  • Fifth Place: Gale Force eSports
  • Sixth Place: Team Name Change
  • Seventh Place: Imported Support
  • Eighth Place: Dumpster Tier Superstars

The player of the Grand Finals is going to Murloc Geniuses player Fury who has some absolutely terrific hero zoning. Congratulations to all of the teams that placed in the top eight and Murloc Geniuses for taking the Heroes of the Storm North American Fall Regional #2.

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