‘MARVEL Tsum Tsum’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

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Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for MARVEL Tsum Tsum.

1. Stage Mode and Battle Mode

MARVEL Tsum Tsum

• There are two different modes of play – Stage Mode and Battle Mode. Complete missions by aiming for three stars during Stage Mode. Enjoy playing together with friends to challenge Super Villains. One of the best methods towards winning on any stage by is creating chains of seven or more Tsums. This maneuver helps create a Bomb, which helps clear out any Tsum in the resounding blast area.

2. Check Those Boxes and Equip Those Boosters

MARVEL Tsum Tsum

• Get boxes with coins and orbs – you’ll find that various Super Hero tsum tsum are waiting for you. And you should always give yourself a booster before you take part in any any Stage or Battle situation. Normal levels features booster such as +Score, +Large, +Time, +Bomb and 5 > 4. Then for Battle levels, you’ll get to obtain boosters such as +HP, +Delay, +Large and +Bomb. Check out the description of each booster to see which ones work best for you.

3. Unlock the Helicarrier

Marvel Tsum Tsum

• Reveal the Helicarrier by completing Stage Two and check friends’ scores with the score-ranking there. Players with a higher rank get coins and rewards.

4. Battle Mode

MARVEL Tsum Tsum

• During Battle mode, a variety of Super Villains awaits you – defeat them and have them join your team. During these battles, it’s best to string together long matching chains of Tsums that match your chosen Leader. Doing so will will that character’s SP/Skill bar at a quicker pace. Make sure you check out the attribute of your enemy before battle so you change out your leader character to take advantage of your foe’s weakness. Always remember: Power > Blast, Blast > Speed and Speed > Power. Create those bombs in you can right by your enemy.

5. Unlock Co-Op Battles

MARVEL Tsum Tsum

• Enjoy co-op battles, which will be available after clearing Stage One.

6. Build Up the Perfect Team

MARVEL Tsum Tsum

• Team up with your favorite three tsum tsum – choose the tsum tsum you want to be the leader and the other two which will offer support. Your overall status as a team depends on the different tsum tsum that your team is comprised of. Consistently completing stages helps nab more experience for your leader and its teammates. Getting your hands on a EXP Booster is essential since it instantly levels up whomever you use it on (make sure it’s always your leader getting this boost).

7. Utilize Your Friends’ Support

MARVEL Tsum Tsum

• Defeat Super Villains by switching roles with your friends. Send bombs to support friends or use healing bombs to restore both of your HPs.

8. Study Your Tsum Tsum’s Skills

MARVEL Tsum Tsum

• Understand and leverage your tsum tsums skills. Assemble your tsum tsum considering the skills of the villains you’ll be playing against. Effectively utilize your tsum tsum to attain more victories. When you eventually gain a new character, make sure you do unlock and strengthen their Special attack more than anything.

9. Gather More Iso-8

MARVEL Tsum Tsum

• Struggling with difficult stages? Strengthen your tsum tsum’s skills with Iso-8, which can be obtained in various missions and battles. White ISO-8 comes to those who first enter the game. Getting even more of that currency and other forms of goodies means you’ll need to complete various achievements.

10. Check Your Player Info

MARVEL Tsum Tsum

• Want to check the materials and items you have? Check Options and then Player Info. Oh and always remember: completing battles that are on a harder difficulty will help you get even more essential rewards. When you’re ready to do so, take on tougher Battle Mode challenges to get those aforementioned rewards.

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