‘Overwatch’ Open Grand Finals Misfits vs. EnVyUs: Results & Highlights

Misfits, EnVyUs, Overwatch

Final Score – Winner Team Misfits

Team Misfits – 3

Team EnVyUs – 1

The Overwatch Grand Finals are here and we have both of our major competitors fighting it out for $100,000 and the title of ELEAGUE/FACIT Overwatch champion. Over the past few weeks, these teams have been competing against some of the world’s best such as NRG, Luminosity Gaming, and Cloud9. Now it’s down to two teams, Mistfits and EnVyUs, both of which have proven to be fantastic groups in their own right.

The Grand Final will be a best of five across different maps and game modes, of which both teams will be able to select. These will be live results and feedback, so make sure to keep checking back with who’s currently leading. Here’s everything you need to know:

Match 1: King’s Row – Hybrid Game Mode

The first round of this match started with Misfits coming out swinging as they captured the first point in rapid time. Thanks to Soon’s nearly flawless Reaper plays they pushed EnVyUs back and were already pushing the payload within the first minute. While it seemed that EnVyUs could recover thanks to a timely Graviton Surge, they just couldn’t clean up the kills in time. Misfits continued to push the payload all the way to the end of the map with little problems. Yet, just when EnVyUs seemed to get a last minute resurrection the momentum for Misfits was too much to stop. Misfits claimed the first match with little resistance from the favored opponents.

Once the teams swapped it appeared as if Misfits were going to hold the first point until Team EnVyUs got a big four person resurrection that completely changed the battle. However, they went far slower than Misfits and barely finished the map after a variety of mixed team fights. Misfits, despite losing the defensive side, seemed to be favored going into the tiebreaker round.

Even with EnVyUs holding Misfits for the majority of the tiebreaker round, it sadly wasn’t enough as their aggressive style was enough to take map number 1. Soon’s Reaper was by far the star of this match as he managed to nab a plethora of kills both in and out of his ultimate’s ability.

Match 2: Nepal – King of the Hill

The first round started out completely in EnVyUs’ favor as Taimou’s Roadhog did some serious work displacing Misfits. While they held the point for 99% of the match, Misfits came in and laid down some smackdown via their Reaper and Tracer. Somehow, Misfits was able to hold the first point and secure an early round win against EnVyUs.

In the second round, everything seemed to be repeating itself, as EnVyUs utterly dominated them when controlling the point, only to lose control of it at the last second. However, EnVyUs learned from their mistakes and thanks to some clever playing and key picks on the Support classes they were able to take the second round and tie it up.

However, the third round was utterly insane as the match opened with EnVyUs accidently suiciding both their Winston and Tracer causing Misfits to take control of the point early on. Yet, throughout the entire match, both teams threw haymaker after haymaker of ultimates in an attempt at taking the central control point. The match ended with EnVyUs winning one last team fight and taking the lead 2-1.

Going into the fourth round, Taimou utterly devasted with his Roadhog, hooking everyone in site and killing them instantly. Thanks to this and Tailspin’s great work in the backline as Tracer they were able to hold the point with relative ease. On the last push Misfits pushed in with an Ana boosted Reaper and took the point with 99% of the point charged for Team EnVyUs. Sadly, thanks to EnVyUs having their ultimates they were able to recap the point. Taimou is the player of this match thanks to some of the best Roadhog hooks and damage we’ve seen in competitive Overwatch.

Match 3: Watchpoint Gibraltar – Escort

EnVyUs came out of this payload map with an incredibly strong push, giving Misfits no chance to gain proper footing. This is largely thanks to Chipshajen’s Ana and Harryhook’s Lucio who did a great job healing their teammates. Once they got into the hanger Misfits finally won a team fight and took the high ground in the main hanger. They continued to hold for another push, forcing EnVyUs to switch up their team composition and add both Mercy and Pharah to their lineup.

Misfit’s Nevix did some serious work on McCree, using his ultimate to kill some key players and help them hold the point.  Even when it looked like EnVyUs was going to nab the second checkpoint a big Zarya Graviton Surge stopped them and allowed Misfits’ to claim the round.

Starting out on attack EnVyUs got a big hook right in the beginning that killed Soon and stalled Misfits from pushing. However, this didn’t hold them off for wrong as they came down in an aggressive push and took the first point thanks to Ana’s support from afar. Now in the hanger Misfits had to fight against EnVyUs, who now held the high ground. Yet, thanks to an Ana boosted Reaper, Misfits were able to take the point and win match number 3.

Match 4:  Lijiang Tower – King of the Hill

With Misfits at matchpoint, they were able to come out and quickly take the point, only to get shut down by a big team push from EnVyUs. However, this wasn’t for long as RYB’s Winston managed to not only displace EnVyUs’ defenses but knock their Ana clear off the stage. Misfits reclaimed the point and were able to get their charge up to 79% until EnVyUs came back with a Graviton Surge ultimate, claimed the point, and held it until both teams were at 99%. After an incredibly long battle in Overtime, Misfits won the first round in a scrappy fight.

EnVyUs claimed the second control point right off the bat and held Misfits off with some great ultimate placements. This went on until their charge was at 91% and Misfits finally took control of the point with three ultimates ready to hold off any attacks. Even while Misfits held their point until 83% control point charge, EnVyUs reclaimed the point and forced the match once again into Overtime. Sadly, Soon accidently hopped off of the point as Tracer and gave EnVyUs the second round.

Misfits did a great job holding the third point, forcing EnVyUs back onto the bridge so they couldn’t get a proper push. Even after one good team fight, EnVyUs was only able to hold the point briefly until it was quickly recaptured by Misfits. The third round was utter dominance and forced EnVyUs’ back against the wall.

With the third and possibly final round, Misfits claimed the center point after a rather long team fight. However, this was only for a brief amount of time as EnVyUs did not go quietly and reclaimed the point quickly from Misfits before any real progress could be made. The next fight saw Misfits push aggressively onto EnVyUs and were able to hold the point with barely any ultimate use.

The next big team fights saw both teams utilize their ultimates, with Misfits emerging as the victor of this chaotic battle. However, they did a great job and thanks to a last minute Zenyatta ultimate they were able to hold the point and be the ELEAGUE/FACEIT Overwatch Open Champions. Congratulations Team Misfits!