‘Overwatch’ Open – Team Misfits: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Team Misfits Overatch

(Team Misfits Official Twitter)

The ELEAGUE/FACEIT Overwatch Open Grand Finals have nearly arrived and with it two teams are poised to take the first place title and $100,000 home.One of the two teams that have made it to the finals is Team Misfits, the deridingly underdog team in this matchup. They will be fighting against Team EnVyUs, whoa re largely considered the best team currently playing Overwatch. However, do not discredit Misfits as they had an incredibly strong showing these past few weeks and are certainly ready to put up a fight. Their roster for the eSports Grand Finals includes Kryw, Zebbosai, Nevix, Hidan, Ryb, and So0n.

Here’s what you need to know about them:

1. They Really Like Using Mei and Ana for Competitive



While most major teams typically stick to the staple characters, Misfits’ greatest strength is their ability to utilize heroes that are usually hit or miss for eSports. While Ana and Mei have seen a rather large resurgence, Misfits have basically outright replaced the staple off healer Zenyatta for Ana. This change has allowed them to make some incredibly big moves that help swing big pushes or defenses in their favor.

Mei is the other character that they seem to use a lot of on defense, mainly because of her ability to shut down tanks like Zarya and ultimates makes her a potent addition. Plus, a good Mei player like Nevix can still a point forever if they can space out their Icewall and healing enough. These two additions will certainly be seen during the Grand Finals and it makes one wonder how EnVyUs will handle such unorthodox teams.

2. They Beat Atlantic Showdown Champions Team Rogue 3-2

In their qualifying matchups for the Overwatch Open, Misfits were placed against the 2016 Gamescom Atlantic Showdown Champions Rogue. What’s important about this is that Rogue defeated EnVyUs and was one of the first to defeat their new roster on a mainstage. Not only is this a big boost for Misfits, but begs the question if they can slay the Rogue can anyone actually stop them?

That’s not to say their matchup wasn’t close, as Rogue took them all the way to the last match at Hollywood. Misfits had to just push the cart a few more feet, but rogue had constantly stopped their attempts leaving them one more chance to claim victory. However, after some beautifully placed ultimates and a single Mei Icewall they stalled Rogue long enough for them to move the payload to victory.

3. They Were Team Graviton Surge Before Being Signed by Misfits

Team Misfits were not originally in the Overwatch professional scene until the general manager of Misfits Ali Saba purchased Team Graviton Surge. In an interview with Daily Dot Ali explained that “We have decided to get into Overwatch as  the success of this game can’t be ignored. After spending time some time scouting the competitive scene, we felt really interested in the Graviton Surge line up.They are very talented players that work very well as a unit, and we look forward to accomplishing a lot together.”

Since then, Misfits have been on a tear through the Overwatch Open taking down some of the best teams in the league. While it looked like either Ninjas in Pyjamas or Rogue would make the playoffs, Misfits surprised everyone and emerged victorious.

4. Team Misfits Play 3 Different Games Across Various Genres

Unlike most big eSports teams, Misfits really only focuses heavily on three different games. League of Legends, Overwatch, and Heroes of the Storm are what we normally see Misfits competing in, with the a large amount of success. Recently their League of Legends team qualified for 2016 Summer Season after beating Euronics Gamings 3-1.

On the Heroes of the Storm side of things, they actually signed mYinsanity’s roster to compete in various tournaments. Misfit’s team owner  Ben Spoont stated “We got lucky. It’s rare to have an opportunity to sign such an acclaimed team and mature lineup…” They recently came in 2nd at the 2016 Gamescom ESL Heroes of the Storm Championship, netting $20,000 for their troubles.

5. They Have a Great Sense for Both Offense and Defensive Play

One of the biggest strengths that Misfits showcased during the various qualifier matches for the Overwatch Open was their ability to have both a solid offense or defense. Most teams usually favor one or the other, but Misfits appear to have a fantastic handle on both aspects. This is only amplified when they have a lot of pressure applied to them, as some of their matches have showcased them coming back from usually unwinnable scenarios.

It will be interesting to see how Misfits perform during the Grand Finals given the reputation that EnVyUs has carved out. Given they are still rather new to this high level of play on main stages, this could be all of the momentum and adrenaline they need to nab a victory. While it’s still too early to decide, do not dimish the massive accomplishments that Misfits have done.