‘Overwatch’ World Cup European Knockout Bracket Revealed

Overwatch, Zayra


The Overwatch World Cup is drawing closer with each passing day and now the first knockout bracket has been revealed. These rounds will be focused around 12 of the best teams that Europe has to offer in a best of 5 matches between them. World Cup teams are made up of not only eSports pros but community members and high ranking players as well. Of the 12 teams, only 6 will make it through and be allowed to play at the Overwatch World Cup at Blizzcon 2016.

Make sure to follow the various player’s social media accounts for the information and to view the various matches. Many of the players stream their matches and put them up on Twitch for audiences. You can also check the ESL Overwatch Twitch channel to watch the matches since the core ESL Twitch won’t be broadcasting them. Big Overwatch personalities such as Stylosa will actually showcase all of their matches on their Youtube channels for their fans.

Here are the matchups for the European bracket:

  • Germany vs. Iceland – September 13
  • Finland vs. Benelux – September 13
  • Sweden vs. Italy – September 13
  • Russia s. Norway – September 13
  • Spain vs. CIS & Baltic – September 13
  • France vs. Turkey – September 14

Make sure to check back with us daily as we update you on who made it through the elimination round and are headed to the Overwatch World Cup. Our money is still on Team Sweden as they have one of the best rosters of the entire World Cup.

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