‘Pokemon Go’ Buddy: How to Fix the Distance Tracker

pokemon go distance fix


Pokemon Go is using the same system to track how fast you’re walking your Pokemon buddy that it is using to track how far you’ve walked for hatching eggs. Unfortunately, this means that there will likely be some inconsistencies from time to time, when you discover that you’ve walked a lot farther than the game is recording. Here are some fixes that trainers have said helped them with hatching eggs, which may help you while you’re walking your Pokemon.

Here’s what you need to know.

Try Walking in a Different Direction or in a Zig-Zag Pattern

Pokemon Go periodically “fixes” its run/walk distance tracker, but then the tracker seems to break all over again. One trainer on Reddit pointed this out after the last update, with distance tracking now only being accurate a little over 50 percent of the time. So it’s possible the tracking feature may work better for a while after this latest update too, only to worsen over time.

Part of the problem is that if you walk in a circle or backtrack over where you walked during the first half of your travels, Pokemon Go may only record half of your distance. So try to not backtrack your steps. Or, if you have to do this, then pause for a while when you reach your halfway point. Maybe take a 30-minute or hour break for a snack or a visit with a friend. This won’t fix the problem all the time, but it can help.

Some trainers also recommend walking in a zig-zag pattern rather than straight back-and-forth, as that is more likely to be registered by your Pokemon Go app. Give this a try when you’re walking your Pokemon and let us know if you get a more accurate distance traveled result on your app.

Keep an Eye on Your Speed

There’s a speed limit to Pokemon Go. You may think that just because you can catch some Pokestops while traveling in a car, your egg distance will also be tracked. But it doesn’t always work this way. In fact, Pokemon Go trainers on Reddit’s The Silph Road discovered that the speed limit for hatching eggs (and walking Pokemon Buddies) is about 10.5 km/hour, or 6.5 mph. After the update two weeks ago, some trainers think the speed may now be faster and closer to 13.5 km/hour or even 15 km/hour. But to be on the safe side, keep your speed around 10.5. Niantic’s game that much of Pokemon Go is based off, Ingress, has a speed limit of 8 km/hour, so a 10.5 speed limit isn’t out of the question.

Force Close and Restart Your App When You Finish Traveling

Sometimes Pokemon Go just stops connecting to the network if you minimize the app or multitask while using it. Some Redditors have reported that when it comes to egg hatching, this has sometimes caused a big issue with recording the distance traveled. In order to avoid this problem, try force closing the app after you’ve finished using it, or just when you’re about to start using the app again. Some players have reported that force closing the app sometimes minimizes or fixes the problem.

In addition to the techniques above, we’re listing a few other “unverified” glitches that might affect distance tracking.

Some Pokemon Go trainers have noticed that egg hatching distance breaks after they add a Pokemon to a gym or battle a gym. It’s unclear if this is a persistent problem for all trainers or if it’s only limited to a small number. Some players have suggested the workaround of opening your journal after adding a Pokemon to a gym or battling a gym, in order to force a distance update.

Other trainers believe that your phone’s model might impact how well it tracks the distance you’ve traveled. This theory is also not verified, but you can join the Reddit discussion here to share your experiences.

Niantic has said that this latest update is going to fix some connectivity issues when you’re switching networks, so hopefully some of the distance tracking problems will be minimized. But if you find your distance still isn’t tracking correctly, the fixes above may help. Have you discovered any other solutions that help track distance better? Let us know in the comments below.

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