‘Pokemon Go’ Buddy: How Far Do You Need to Walk for Candy?

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Niantic has finally released the new Pokemon Go buddy feature and the update should be available for everyone soon. We know that you’ll need to designate a Pokemon as your buddy and take it for “walks” in order to get candy. But just how far will you have to walk your Pokemon in order to get a new candy? (This post has been updated with new information from the Buddy feature.)

Here’s what you need to know.

Here Are the Distances According to Pokemon Type

Niantic has not released official numbers on how far you’ll need to walk your Pokemon in order to get candy, but you can find the information by playing the game. According to current Pokemon Go trainers who have been using update, this is the distance required for Pokemon that you are walking as Buddies (along with their sizes, for comparison.) They are listed in alphabetical order by species.

Pokemon km for Candy Size
Abra 3 Medium
Aerodactyl 5 Big
Alakazam 3 Big
Arbok 3 Big
Arcanine 3 Big
Articuno 5 Flying
Beedrill 1 Flying
Bellsprout 3 Medium
Blastoise 3 Big
Bulbasaur 3 Medium
Butterfree 1 Flying
Caterpie 1 Shoulder
Chansey 5 Big
Charizard 3 Big
Charmander 3 Medium
Charmeleon 3 Medium
Clefable 1 Big
Clefairy 1 Medium
Cloyster 3 Big
Cubone 3 Medium
Dewgong 3 Medium
Diglett 3 Medium
Ditto 3 Medium
Dodrio 3 Big
Doduo 3 Medium
Dragonair 5 Big
Dragonite 5 Big
Dratini 5 Medium
Drowzee 3 Big
Dugtrio 3 Big
Eevee 5 Shoulder
Ekans 3 Medium
Electabuzz 5 Medium
Electrode 3 Big
Exeggcute 3 Medium
Exeggutor 3 Big
Farfetchd 3 Medium
Fearow 1 Flying
Flareon 5 Medium
Gastly 3 Flying
Gengar 3 Big
Geodude 1 Medium
Gloom 3 Medium
Golbat 1 Flying
Goldeen 3 Medium
Golduck 3 Big
Golem 1 Big
Graveler 1 Big
Grimer 3 Medium
Growlithe 3 Medium
Gyarados 1 Big
Haunter 3 Flying
Hitmonchan 5 Big
Hitmonlee 5 Big
Horsea 3 Medium
Hypno 3 Big
Ivysaur 3 Big
Jigglypuff 1 Medium
Jolteon 5 Medium
Jynx 5 Big
Kabuto 5 Medium
Kabutops 5 Big
Kadabra 3 Big
Kakuna 1 Medium
Kangaskhan 3 Big
Kingler 3 Big
Koffing 3 Big
Krabby 3 Medium
Lapras 5 Big
Lickitung 3 Medium
Machamp 3 Big
Machoke 3 Big
Machop 3 Medium
Magikarp 1 Medium
Magmar 5 Big
Magnemite 3 Flying
Magneton 3 Big
Mankey 3 Medium
Marowak 3 Medium
Meowth 3 Medium
Metapod 1 Medium
Mew 5 Medium
Mewtwo 5 Big
Moltres 5 Big
MrMime 5 Medium
Muk 3 Big
Nidoking 3 Big
Nidoqueen 3 Big
NidoranFemale 3 Medium
NidoranMale 3 Medium
Nidorina 3 Medium
Nidorino 3 Medium
Ninetales 3 Big
Oddish 3 Medium
Omanyte 5 Medium
Omastar 5 Big
Onix 5 Big
Paras 3 Medium
Parasect 3 Medium
Persian 3 Medium
Pidgeot 1 Flying
Pidgeotto 1 Flying
Pidgey 1 Shoulder
Pikachu 1 Shoulder
Pinsir 5 Big
Poliwag 3 Medium
Poliwhirl 3 Big
Poliwrath 3 Big
Ponyta 3 Medium
Porygon 3 Big
Primeape 3 Big
Psyduck 3 Medium
Raichu 1 Medium
Rapidash 3 Big
Raticate 1 Medium
Rattata 1 Medium
Rhydon 3 Big
Rhyhorn 3 Big
Sandshrew 3 Medium
Sandslash 3 Medium
Scyther 5 Big
Seadra 3 Big
Seaking 3 Big
Seel 3 Medium
Shellder 3 Medium
Slowbro 3 Big
Slowpoke 3 Medium
Snorlax 5 Big
Spearow 1 Shoulder
Squirtle 3 Medium
Starmie 3 Big
Staryu 3 Medium
Tangela 3 Medium
Tauros 3 Big
Tentacool 3 Medium
Tentacruel 3 Big
Vaporeon 5 Medium
Venomoth 3 Flying
Venonat 3 Medium
Venusaur 3 Big
Victreebel 3 Big
Vileplume 3 Big
Voltorb 3 Medium
Vulpix 3 Medium
Wartortle 3 Medium
Weedle 1 Shoulder
Weepinbell 3 Big
Weezing 3 Big
Wigglytuff 1 Big
Zapdos 5 Flying
Zubat 1 Flying

There are a few things in the distance decisions that are confusing to some players. For example, Pikachu only requires 1 km for candy, but all the other starters require 3 km. Some trainers have suggested it’s because Pikachu is so popular and will likely be the first Pokemon used as a buddy by many trainers. Others pointed out that Moltres is listed as “big” rather than as “flying.” This may be due to Moltres’ size and where it’s placed in conjunction with your avatar.

Some trainers have pointed out that it appears Pokemon Go buddy distances are correlated to egg hatching distances. In other words, a Pokemon that hatches from a 2 km egg will require 1 km of walking to get a candy, a 5k egg requires 3k walking, and 10k egg Pokemon require 5k walking.

In addition, there may be some Pokemon who require 10 km of walking, but this has not yet been confirmed. Perhaps these distances will be reserved for legendary Pokemon.

A Game Master File from Earlier This Week Revealed Inaccurate Numbers

Last week, Redditor elfinlazz posted a Game Master file on Github here that appears to show candy rewarded every 1, 2, or 3 km distances depending on the size and type of Pokemon that you walk. It’s not clear if you would get just one candy per distance achieved or a packet of candy.

However, it turned out that not all of the distances in that original account were accurate. Trainers who are now playing the game are saying that the distances seen in the app do not match the distances from the Game Master File. It appears that distances originally reported as 2 km are actually 3 km, and distances reported as 3 km are 5 km.