‘Pokemon Go’ Capture Location: Do You See Where Eggs Were Found or Hatched?

pokemon go capture location


Niantic just released a new Pokemon Go update, and one of the biggest features they brought back is the ability to see where you caught a Pokemon. But trainers who don’t have the update yet are wondering if the app will show where hatched Pokemon’s eggs were found or if it will show where the Pokemon were hatched. Which does the new update show?

Here’s what you need to know.

According to Pokemon Go trainers who already have the app, the capture location will tell you where a hatched Pokemon’s egg was found. It will not show where the egg was hatched. This is important, because the type of Pokemon in an egg is related to the type of egg (2 km, 5 km, or 10 km) and where the egg was found, not where the egg was hatched. (John Hanke also made this clear in a Twitter conversation, when he pointed out that Pokemon eggs will only be found in their natural habitat. So if you’re looking for region-specific Pokemon, their eggs are locked to their region. However, once you take a region-specific Pokemon egg, it can likely still be hatched outside that region.)

The new Capture Location feature doesn’t distinguish between Pokemon that were hatched versus Pokemon that were caught. When you click on a Pokemon to see its information page, you’ll simply see the city and state where you caught it, along with the date it was caught. If it was hatched from an egg, the information will look exactly the same. The information you’re seeing will indicate where the egg was found (“caught”), not hatched.

Redditor giotakahashi was one of the early update users who noted this. He said he had two 10 km Pokemon eggs, one that hatched a Lapras and one that hatched an Omanite. The Omanite egg was found in Cape Coral, Florida, but it was hatched in Naples, he wrote. When he went to that Pokemon’s information page, it showed “Cape Coral, Florida, United States.”

This is good news for people who are trying to figure out where they can get eggs for specific Pokemon. If you remember which Pokemon you hatched, you can at least figure out which city that egg was found in, even if the location won’t give you any information more specific than that.

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