‘Pokemon Go’ Capture Location: How to Use the New Feature [PHOTO]

pokemon go capture locations


Niantic has released a new Pokemon Go update that will now display capture locations for every Pokemon that you’ve caught and have in your Pokedex. But how can you use the new catch location feature and how does it work? Is it anything like the map that came with the earliest version of Pokemon Go and was later removed?

Here’s what you need to know.

Unfortunately, the new capture locations feature is nothing like the one that came with the earliest version of Pokemon Go, back before the three-step tracker was disabled. Back then, you could see a small map that showed where Pokemon were captured. Now, it’s not quite as exciting or as exact.

To see the capture locations for your Pokemon, all you have to do is go to your Pokemon’s information page. In other words, go to your Pokedex and click on the Pokemon that you want to see information for. The Pokemon will come up and you’ll see a page like this one, shared by Redditor giotakahashi.

pokemon go capture locations


The capture location is at the bottom of your Pokemon’s information page, as you can see in the photo above. It just shows the city and state where you caught the Pokemon, along with the date. It’s not super exact so you could go back and find a possible spawn point. But the update does work retroactively, so you can go back and see all the cities where you caught past Pokemon.

The capture location also works for Pokemon that hatched from eggs. It will show you where you found the egg, not where you hatched the egg. This makes sense, since a recent statement from John Hanke indicated that region-specific Pokemon can only hatch from eggs found in those regions.

It appears that what hatches from a Pokemon Go egg is determined by where the egg is found, not where it’s hatched. So naturally, the capture location would focus on where a Pokemon’s egg was found, not where the Pokemon hatched.

What do you think of the new capture location feature? Let us know in the comments below.

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